What the 20 First Teams are looking for

first_imgThese are the market movements made so far by the 20 First clubs and what they are looking for reinforce In this winter market. Clubs are sorted by order of classification. BARCELONA: IT DOES NOT BUY, IT DOES SELL: ALEÑÁ, VIDAL TODIBO …Barça has no intention of strengthening. Aleñá has already left, assigned to Betis, and the case of Arturo Vidal is about to be resolved, which is most likely to go to Inter. Milan is interested in the transfer of Todibo. Riqui Puig could have the option to get on the first team.REAL MADRID: DO NOT DATE AND LOOK FOR OUTPUT TO MARIANO AND BRAHIMMadrid does not plan to strengthen in January. Instead, his intention is to reduce staff with the departure of two players who do not count for Zidane: Mariano and Brahim. Mariano’s problem is his high salary (4 million net). Brahim is looking for an assignment.SEVILLE: THE OBJECTIVE IS TO FILE A 9 AND DRAXLERThe priority would be to hire a 9 and, if possible, to be versatile and also play on the left side of the attack. Draxler (PSG) is one of the preferred options by Monchi. The exit options are the central Sergi Gómez and the forward Dabbour.ATHLETIC: THE ABSOLUTE PRIORITY IS TO FILE A CAVANIThe priority is to sign a 9 and the favorite is Cavani. In the bedroom, Alcácer (Borussia Dortmund) and Dani Olmo (Dinamo Zagreb). The salary limit drowns the club. To sign you must make a good sale (Lemar). Saponjic and a right side (Vrsaljko or Arias) can leave.REAL SOCIETY: RUBÉN PARDO AND SAGNAN IS IN THE OUTPUT RAMPLa Real has no intention of moving in the winter market. Imanol understands that the template is more than complete and trusts them. In addition, it is pending to recover the injured Illarramendi, Zurutuza and Aritz Elustondo. Rubén Pardo and Sagnan can leave.GETAFE: EARRINGS FROM THE REMOVAL OF BERGARA FOOTBALLWhen Bergara confirms his impending withdrawal from football, Getafe could consider covering his hole. He loved Aleñá, who preferred to go to Betis. Enric Gallego has many offers from Second. The excess of left sides can open the door to Raul Carnero.ATHLETIC: FEAR THAT THE WEST HAM REMOVES YOU FROM UNAI NÚÑEZThe only novelty would be for Unai Núñez to go to West Ham for the 30 million of its clause. He has no plans to sign. If Unai Núñez left, he would pull the subsidiary, with Dani Vivian, or recover Nolaskoian, on loan at Deportivo. Transfer to Ganea is sought.VALENCIA: PRIORITY IS THE ARRIVAL OF CANCELThe Celades team looks for a right back and the priority is Cancelo (Manchester City), which was already in Valencia. The che club is also open to other market options in the midfield. Destination to Thierry Correia is sought. Nephew could leave.I RAISED: NO MARGIN FOR THE SALARIAL BUMPERThe Levante cannot sign because it has the quota covered with a salary cap. As no exit is planned or planned to be made, it does not expect any market movement. The only option is to leave a player and, in that case, replace his position.VILLARREAL: FERNANDO ROIG SAYS YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS MARKETFernando Roig said at the shareholders meeting that the January market is not interested at this moment. Consider that the template was done well in summer and do not have to touch it in winter. They would only sign if an important player came out. POMEGRANATE: VALLEJO AND WELL INTERESTED AND GOT ​​ADRIÁN RAMOSPretend three reinforcements. A central, a left side and a forward. Vallejo sounds, Real Madrid player on loan at Wolverhampton, and Pozo (Sevilla), who was already in Granada last season. Adrián Ramos has dissociated himself from the club and signed for América de Cali.OSASUNA: SHEET TO LATO AND MOUTH JUNIORS WANTS TO RONCAGLIAHe has signed Lato, left side assigned by Valencia that was in the PSV. Boca Juniors has been interested in Roncaglia. Those who have options to leave are Lillo, agreement to undo his contract, and a possible assignment of Brandon, which interests Deportivo.BETIS: ALEÑÁ ARRIVED AND THEY WANT GUIDO RODRÍGUEZHe has signed Aleñá, transferred from Barça until the end of the season and with no purchase option. The priority now is to hire a pivot and the desired one is Guido Rodríguez (America). Nor do they rule out bringing to an extreme. You have options to leave Kaptoum.VALLADOLID: THE PRIORITY IS TO GIVE FOUR OUTPUTSThe priority is to start, reduce the workforce by taking out four or five players and, from there, hire one or two. You are not looking for a specific profile. Luismi, Aguado and Javi Sánchez can leave. Lunin, waiting for Madrid to transfer it to another club where he played.THROUGH: REQUEST THE ASSIGNMENT OF MADRIDISTA BRAHIMPina’s injury forces to sign. Interested in the transfer of Brahim (Real Madrid) and former Real Madrid player Lucas Silva. There are players who do not count for Garitano like Dani Torres, Guidetti, Javi Muñoz and Rafa Navarro, who could go out in this winter market.EIBAR: NEEDS REINFORCEMENTS ON ALL LINESThe Eibarrés club intends to sign but without specifying who. They have problems in defense, where they are lacking in troops. They also want a midfielder who believes play and a forward with goal. If a striker comes another will come out, because he has four.MAJORCA: A LEFT SIDE AND AN EXTREME RIGHTMallorca wants to be reinforced in January with a left side, a right end and possibly a forward, depending on the performance of Cucho Hernández after his injury. They could leave if they find Trajkovski, Chavarría and Alex Alegría.CELTIC: NOLITO RETURNS TO BE THE MOST CODED PARTHe plans to sign to one extreme and Nolito is again the most coveted piece.For the moment, nothing more. In the departures section two players will look for a destination: Beauvue and Juan Hernández. Pending that Naples make an offensive by Lobotka.LEGANESE: ASK MIKEL VESGA AND LOOK FOR A PORTERLeganés is looking for a midfielder and has already initiated contacts to incorporate Mikel Vesga, from Athletic. He also wants a goalkeeper in case André Grandi leaves. It is pending the possible departures of Kravets, Fede Varela and Sabin Merino.SPANISH: RAÚL DE TOMÁS AND TWO OR THREE MORE SHEETSEspanyol plans to make three to four signings in January. Among the reinforcements, a forward is urgent and the club has already contacted Benfica by Raúl de Tomás. It will take between two or three casualties. They are looking for an assignment to Pipa, 21-year-old right-back.last_img read more

This contaminates a mobile phone: a battery ‘corrupts’ 600,000 liters of water

first_imgThe telephone they have in their hands is a very dangerous pollutant or at least that is what a study carried out by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences of the University of Surrey shows. This study tells that with the single battery of a mobile phone 600,000 liters of water can be contaminated.It also provides other data such that each high-end phone releases about 95 kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere. And is that within each ‘smartphone’ there are about 40 toxic materials such as arsenic, zinc, lead, cadmium or mercury.Inside the phones there are also valuable materials (although only a few milligrams), but for example with 50 mobile phones you could get enough gold to make a wedding ring. “Although the mobile phone contains some very toxic materials, 90% of its components are reusable,” says one of those responsible for Back Market, a company that takes advantage of all those components that can be reused from a phone mobile. In each mobile phone there are 40 polluting materials All the pieces that an iPhone contains. Image: Back Market last_img read more

The photomontage of Reinier’s family is already a reality

first_imgThe photomontage of Mauro ReinierThe Reinier family had so much desire that the official commitment of Madrid arrived for the remainder of the season and six more than Mauro could not stop showing off among his closest relatives of a document sent to his mobile phone during a wait they were made eternal. It was about a photo montage of his son dressed as a Real Madrid player. A close-up, in the style of the chips that appear on the club’s website, with smiling Reinier … and the 2018-19 season shirt, not that of the 2019-20. Mauro didn’t know that detail, but he didn’t care either. He was drooling imagining the crack that he, in support of the coaches of the team quarry like Flamengo, forged based on his experience at the highest level of futsal. 19 Reinier’s father is also the main cause of his son’s Real Madrid, who as a child encouraged to watch the matches of the white club. Moreover, I put videos of several of the players who raised the Bernabéu, among them Zidane, who is expected to be his coach in the medium term. That’s why Reinier will see in Zizou something more than a ‘boss’: an idol the one he imitated in his first kicks. Mauro knows very well what elite sport is, not in vain he has experienced it from within, and values ​​as nobody the early success of his crack. He was world champion of futsal with Brazil in 1985 in Spain, in a discipline in which he was recognized as the best of his country in 1983. In ours he lived three years because his career brought him here.center_img The dream of Reinier Jesus (18 years old), that came true Yesterday afternoon with the official announcement of his signing for Real Madrid, it is not only an illusion of a kid. So is his whole family, that he was waiting for the moment with the desire of whom the opportunity of his life comes. Y surely who best represents that feeling is his father, Mauro Brasília. Reinier’s family started the process weeks ago involving a change of country and continent. From Spain, Several people advise you in the search for a new home in Madrid, where they will land when the player concludes his participation in the Colombian Pre-Olympic. And they have got to work with the language, studying Spanish at their home in Rio de Janeiro. Reinier, meanwhile, with the same teacher as them, began to do so in the concentration of the Sub-23 in the Comary Farm. A talent and an applied guy …last_img read more

Alberto Perea: “Let’s go for the direct ascent”

first_imgPerea took advantage of the interview to urge the union of the team and the fans“We are going to give our all, we have to go back to the routine we had two months ago.” The left-handed end, Alberto Perea has shared his impressions about the season at the Radio Cádiz gathering in El Faro. Recognize that the team is going through a bad streak, but despite that they are still in direct ascent “We continue upstairs next to Almeria. We have to think about the game against Racing to change the dynamics. ”The cadista player claims not to know the reason for the last bad results, but acknowledges that there has been a loss of identity “It is costing us more to arrive. We have to go back to before, now they arrive to us more times and they make us more goals, we do not arrive as before. We have to correct mistakes and try to pass the bad streak. ” As for the ascent, the manchego has been clear, “Let’s go for the direct ascent. The play offs are a good prize, but we are up and we will fight ” and adds, “I want to reach the first division and I hope it is here and this year.” LaBiga SmartBank* Data updated as of January 21, 2020 He also commented to the microphones of Cadena Ser that He is very comfortable in Cádiz, “it is the season that is best for me. I was lucky to start playing and the coach has given me confidence. I have adapted well to what Cervera asks, here we have to run and defend. ” Perea acknowledges that, sometimes, he has risked too much, “sometimes I have abused the last cut or dribling, but the one who does not risk does not win. I have enough left over but I think I’m doing well. ”The player has assessed the injuries suffered by the team during the season, calling it “an ordeal”. Now the infirmary has been free, and Perea is confident that this will help to reverse the bad streak that the team is going through. He states that they have accused the casualties a lot, especially that of Jose Mari, “it is important for the team. We miss him, has control of the ball and gives the team time. ”last_img read more

Bayern will have a huge budget to sign in summer

first_imgTherefore, in July they will add those remaining 110 million to the budget for signings. That will allow them to make a large outlay that would be worth to address the purchase of several important players. Also, during the winter window, only contemplate soccer players as transferred, such as the loan of Álvaro Odriozolaside of Real Madrid. In this way they could continue to accumulate money and continue strengthening.On the other hand, the coach, Hans Flick, he has asked the heavyweights of the squad for what positions soccer players should look for. The general opinion of Manuel Neuer, Thomas muller, David Alaba, Joshua Kimmich Y Robert Lewandowski is that they should improve the defensive line and the front. For that and considering that both Eat how Gnabry They are prone to injuries, they recommended the return of the Brazilian Juventus, Douglas Costa. According Bild, Bayern Munich is preparing to undertake important signings in the next summer market. Last season they agreed to have 200 million euros for transfers, of which only 90 were finally spent. Bundesliga* Data updated as of January 22, 2020last_img read more

Getafe throws in the towel for Brahim

first_imgHow have you seen the decisions of the VAR?You have to start with the great victory of the team against a complicated opponent. The referee went to see the play, saw hand and punished penalty. Very happy with these three points against a team with tremendous technical quality. It is a victory of great merit against a team that clearly exceeds us in budget.How do you analyze the match?They had more game control in the first half with possession and generated opportunities for us. The second half was ours and that push has caused that penalty to occur and achieve victory.Again in Champions positions. What goal are marked?We can’t change The second round has just begun and we have teams with very ambitious goals. It is fantastic and amazing to have these points now. We sometimes forget what Getafe is, a small team that continues to grow, compete and excite. We have won a fantastic team. We go step by step without thinking about goals in the medium or long term.What do you think of the players who came out in the second half?Deyverson and Etebo already know our League and we considered that they can help us in this second round. It is not easy for them because the pace of our team is high. Angel is a fantastic player who brings us a lot. Today he scored on the penalty and gave us the three points. Do you fear that people get used to the fact that Getafe has to be upstairs?We get used to good things very fast. You have to have your feet on the ground, but with great enthusiasm. We work to grow and be more competitive every day. Today Betis was superior in the first half, but the team never lowered his arms. We continue with firm step and much humility.What do you think about the moment Cholo lives in Atlético de Madrid?Atlético de Madrid is a great club and Cholo is a fantastic coach. There is a lot of championship and I don’t understand that there are doubts either with the team or with the coach. He will fight until the end of the championship for the two titles he has leftHow the search of the central?It is not easy, but we are at it. Hopefully soon we have a player who supplants the march of Cabrera. Nobody is indispensable and we are obliged to look for a substitute.Why didn’t Bruno enter the call?It was a technical decision thinking we were playing at home and what we were going to have on the bench.Have you thrown in the towel for Brahim?Getafe sure and Bordalás too, but the boy is confident that his opportunity will come and he wants to stay. We would like to have you because it would be a very good incorporation. Brahim is confident in his possibilities and we have to respect him.last_img read more

How are the big clubs on the last day of the market

first_imgItalyThe Inter de Milan He managed to get ahead of his competitors by Christian Eriksen (Tottenham), in addition to incorporating other Premier League players such as Ashley Young (Manchester United) or Victor Moses (Chelsea). The Juventus he does not plan to register any player (he signed Kulusevski and gave it to Lazio). The Milan, for its part, has entered a good amount for Piatek, although with the signing of Ibrahimovic does not need another striker (he has also ceded Ricardo Rodríguez to the PSV). The Rome He has hired three players, of which two are young Spanish talents. This is Carles Pérez (Barcelona) and Gonzalo Villar (Elche) In the NaplesLlorente has been on the exit ramp, as he was interested in several teams, but so far he has not accepted any offers. Politano and Lobotka are the two most famous names that will play from now on in San Paolo.EnglandThe Premier League has been more stopped than ever. Yes it is true that there has been a lot of movement in the Tottenham, which has been done at the last minute with Steven Bergwijn of the PSV. The march of Eriksen to Inter, perhaps the most famous transfer of England this winter, will be covered by the transfer of Gedson Fernandes (Benfica). José Mourinho still needs a striker, but he has a limit of twelve million euros to spend on the replacement for Harry Kane, injured for months. The Arsenal brought the Spanish Flamenco Pablo Pablo Marí to strengthen his defense, the line that has given more problems so far to the whole gunner. The Manchester United He has been almost forced to sign Bruno Fernandes (Sporting de Portugal) in view of his poor results. It will be important while Pogba is injured and if the Frenchman finishes leaving in a few months, Solskjaer will not have to look for a substitute, since the Portuguese has quality left over. Yes they will be attentive throughout the day to sign a striker (Willian José has sounded). In the Chelsea Giroud’s departure is being considered and there are rumors that Dries Mertens (Naples) could set Stamford Bridge as his next destination. Finally, Liverpool Y Manchester City They have not been launched by great players when considering that their templates are strong enough to end the season without major touches. We arrived at the last day of the winter transfer market and more than one team has not yet done their homework as far as transfers are concerned (you can follow it live on this link). Some have decided not to move at this point, while other clubs are still pursuing a last-minute booster or making cash with a dispensable footballer. This is the situation of the best European teams.SpainIn the Santander League, the Real Madrid He has no plans to move, unless they find an assignment for Mariano or Brahim in which they are guaranteed minutes. The Barcelona He is frustrated at not being able to sign a forward. They escaped Rodrigo and came to ask the desperate for Bakambu when the Villarreal I had already sold it to China. Luis Suarez will be long off and Quique Setién could use a nine, even if it is low profile. The signing of Matheus Fernandes (Palmeiras) is expected to be made official, but it would be transferred to Valladolid. Suso, Florenzi or Alcácer have reinforced Seville, Valencia or Villarreal, so no big names are expected on the last day except Yannick Carrasco. The Belgian will return to Atlético de Madrid as a loan after the impossibility of hiring Cavani. From Thomas (Spanish) or Guido (Betis) They have been two of the most talented players who will reach the maximum Spanish competition.FranceThe PSG He seems to have managed to retain Edinson Cavani, whom he will lose in July, when the contract ends. Until now, Fernando Llorente (Naples) and Olivier Giroud (Chelsea) were tested as patches, but if the Uruguayan remains in the squad, it will not be necessary. There will not be too many important transfers in the rest of Ligue 1, although the Monaco Follow the hunt for a central. He even went to San Sebastián to ask about Diego Llorente, but the Royal Society does not want to risk letting him go out and running out of spare parts on the last day of the market. In addition, the Lyon Olympique it was done with Bruno Guimaraes and Toko Ekambi. The Olympique de MarseilleOn the other hand, it has not moved to register or unsubscribe any player.GermanyThe Bayern Munich He intended to gain an end knowing that his people are prone to injury. The heavyweights of the squad asked Douglas Costa (Juventus) and even Thomas Lemar, of Atlético de Madrid. The strategy of the Bavarian club is to obtain assignments (see the case of Odriozola, of Real Madrid) to make a great expense in summer, since they have an additional 110 million that they did not disburse during the past year. Leroy Sané (Manchester City) would remain the target. For its part, the Borussia Dortmund He brought Haaland shortly after the transfer window opened, but Paco Alcácer’s march could generate a last-minute attempt to get a nine, since the squad is short of troops in that position. The RB Leipzig seems to be satisfied with Dani Olmo and the Hetha from Berlin it has been imposed in the auction by Piatek, so there should not be much hustle and bustle in the Bundesliga except with the two biggest teams of recent times in Germany.last_img read more

Roland Garros finalizes the retractable roof of its main track

first_imgRoland Garros has ceased to be the solely Grand Slam “homeless” after ending the works of the retractable cowl of its main track, the Philippe-Chatrier, by which they’ve invested greater than two years. The match introduced this week the consequence, which in simply 15 minutes will cowl the floor in case of rain.The retractable roof consists of eleven “wings” of 330 tons every. Every wing is split into seven constructions 15 meters lengthy and three excessive. Its manufacture befell in a workshop in the Venice area and lasted two years, to which one other eleven months had been added for its set up and that of the acoustic panels, based on the entity on its web site. Roland Garros explains that every one has a pair of wheels for its deployment and that its motion is synchronized by laptop with that of the relaxation. In whole, that roof covers an space of ​​one hectare, the French competitors added. The roof of the Philippe-Chatrier is included in an formidable enlargement undertaking and enchancment of amenities which have needed to struggle with official permits and with the opposition of the neighbors, however with which Roland Garros will reappear on this 12 months’s version with all its splendor.last_img read more

Nino is already the top scorer of Elche alone

first_img2002/031042 2019/20627 2001/021743 2017/181646 – 132 goals in official competition with Elche: 111 in Second, 19 in Second B and 2 in Copa del Rey; 98 goals with the foot, 21 head, 12 penalty and 1 heel– 111 goals with Elche playing headline; 21 goals coming from the bench; 21 with Elche in friendly matches– 56 goals in the first parts and 76 in the second parts– He has scored in 36 different stadiums– Top historical scorer in Martínez Valero Stadium (78 goals)– He has scored 61 different rivals, with Nastic (7), Sporting Gijón and Almería (6) being his favorite victims– Twelve seasons marking in Elche (from 98/99 until 06/06 and from 16/17 until 19/20); and 23 calendar years in a row (one more than Moisés García León)– Average as much as franjiverde every 3.30 games / 241.39 minutes– He scored his first goal with 18 years, 5 months and 12 days (against Figueres, on November 22, 1998).– Second oldest veteran scorer of Elche with 39 years, 7 months and 30 days, behind Cesar Rodríguez, who scored his last goal with Elche with 39 years, 10 months and 25 daysData: Antonio Javier Pamies The collection of Kid (Vera, Almería, 06-10-1980) continues to accumulate records, one after another. And without seeing the end to the successful trajectory of a legend that is not only admired by the triumphant step that marks in the grass, but also by the exemplary behavior he shows when he jumps to the pitch with the captain’s bracelet. Among the milestones it accumulates in the Elche figure of being the player with the most goals (132) and with more matches (437), as well as the one who has scored most in Second (193) and more days has played (559), counted playoffs. SeasonGoalsMatches 1999/00two17 From Galicia, the land of Andrés Domínguez ‘Pierita’, Nino has returned with the honor of becoming the top historical scorer of Elche CF. Now alone. Add 132 points in official competition and start putting land in between with the record that the legendary Pierita established in 1954 and that for more than six decades it has remained untouchable for how many players have defended the elastic franjiverde. 2000/011241center_img 2004/05twenty44 2005/061342 2003/041335 7 2018/19738 1998/993twenty-one He has yet to celebrate and play with Elche in the First Division, illusion why he fights this course, as well as becoming the ‘less young’ player who has marked with the shirt of the Elche. Sunday’s double signed him with 39 years, 7 months and 30 days. And for May the challenge of César Rodríguez, history of Spanish football, which made its last two goals with 39 years, 10 months and 25 days, against Real Betis in Altabix (6-4). Of the twelve seasons that Kid He has competed with Elche, in more than half he has added more than 40 official matches. And this course goes the same way.Saturday before the Real Zaragoza, the hobby will illuminate the stands of the Martinez Valero in the 7th minute in honor of his saint and sign, at which time he will dedicate an ovation and chants chanting the name of the Cannoneer of Vera. Everything is little to recognize a legend in life and in active of the almost centenary history of Elche. Long live for Nino.Seasons in Elche: CF: He is the only player who, in Spanish football, has chained 23 calendar years watching goal (one more than former former Moisés García García) and adds twelve seasons scoring in Elche, from 98/99 to 05/06, when it was transferred to the Levant, and from 16/17 to the present. To his credit, two ascents to Second and a descent to Second B. His is the record of most matches played in the Martinez Valero (78), one of the 36 different stadiums in which he has scored, according to the Elche documentary maker, Antonio Pamies. It has 61 victims in its history and three rivals who have especially taken the measure: Nàstic (seven goals), Sporting Y Almeria (with six).last_img read more

Nicole Regnier denounces that she suffered harassment in Junior

first_imgThe Colombian soccer player Nicole Regnier, who played in the Atlético de Madrid between 2014 and 2015, reported that he was the victim of harassment by Alvaro Núñez, Junior coach when he was on that team in 2018.“There came a point where it happened very often and once he went (exceeded) very ugly in front of the group, That day in the talk before training, I took off my overalls and went out, got in the car and left, “Regnier said in an interview for the internet program” Another Podcast More. “The 25-year-old forward, who was in the first half of 2018 in Junior, assured that even though football was “very indebted” and did not make “a good tournament”, he had many problems with Núñez, who even reported for harassment.“Was a pretty serious issue the issue of harassment and abuse. Is a very disrespectful guy, I had a lot of problems and I was about to give up more than 10 times for all the ‘guachadas’ (rude comments) and the barbarities that he told me in front of the group, “added Regnier.The forward confessed even that he asked for the coach’s resignation but was not heard for the managers. “I could not enjoy that process so much because of a man who was in command of the group and it was disastrous,” he added. Núñez, who was a professional footballer, was a couple of days in prison after being caught in underwear when he was with a minor of 16 years. However, a judge ordered that he be released for poor procedure in his detention.“Was very delicate (the situation with Núñez in Junior) and well they knew everything. What’s more, he wrote and sent terrible photos for the group we had, which was called ‘The Sharks’. The whole team was there, the team delegated it, there were also people from above, from the offices and nothing happened, “he said.In addition to having played in Junior and Atlético de Madrid, Regnier went through Rayo Vallecano (2015-2016) and América de Cali (2016-2017), as well as by Servette FC of Switzerland in 2018.The case is reminiscent of the Carolina Rozo physiotherapist and several players of the absolute soccer team and one of the sub’17, a minor, who denounced last year Labor and sexual harassment within the coffee complex.The accused are the former selector Didier luna, who is followed by a trial, and the physical trainer Sigifredo Alonso, like ehe former coach of the women’s team of older Felipe Taborda. The events for which Luna and Alonso are accused occurred during the concentrations prior to the Uruguay World Cup, played in November 2018.last_img read more