Sauper WHO website development


is the webmaster tools of Shanghai comprehensive analysis of dragon situation (picture is truth):

, came to this place, the side of the resources, let me do the germination of the idea of electronic commerce, a get out of hand, find a few brothers want to cooperate, all are different aspects of the artist, believe we can put the site to do the

4. Links (including through a variety of ways to get backlinks) – this channel is too much, we play to their contacts with the ability to complete. read more

Analysis of search engine based on what ranking website

four, website age: believe site age like people, older people to do a job more often than younger people are more likely to be trusted, the same content appears in the new site and the old site of the treatment of nature is also different.

two, the chain: content is king, the chain for the emperor is Shanghai dragon recognized term, we pay attention to in the quality at the same time, not buried outside the chain of this big cake. In the Internet to organize more and more strict garbage information era, the construction of the chain webmaster will increase a lot of difficulty. read more

Er told the Shanghai dragon new station to avoid entering the Shanghai review period of love

, a website content quality before the

first site in front of the line will have a good site, is the legend of the original. My site is on the site before the line because in order to save the most is to copy and paste. Then the line on the website after more than a month only included the home page, and the page not included. So the content of the site quality is very important, the original search engine more love. So the webmaster to pay attention to the content of the website is updated when the quality of the website, creating more original content. read more

Webmaster network business success should have the spirit

network ( as being the webmaster, in the field of network also has experienced a lot of sour, sweet, bitter, hot wrote the day before yesterday I stood, was expelled from Baidu to PR4 and Baidu included 2 billion experience a lot of praise, I don’t know what to say here, today I want to talk about some of the spirit of stationmaster of entrepreneurship, only representative personal views, please criticism.

1: to have enduring stamina and indomitable spirit, even if the site of traffic decline, but also to adhere to update every day. read more

Qiao Qiao Qiao taste dessert join

women’s consumption is undoubtedly the growth of China’s GDP has made a great contribution, we all know that women are born to love two things, that is, "eat" and "buy", what is the exclusive favorite food? The number is countless, but there is a need to mention that is dessert.

think dessert has become an indispensable part of our life, especially not forget small donuts, but it is accompanied by many people grew up from childhood to now, not too greasy, Qiao Qiao Zi flavor dessert, is a wonderful temptation on the tongue. read more

80 favorite investment projects

from Korean to Korean clothing, catering to South Korea, then to South Korea in the Korean fashion attitude affects a trend which cannot be halted Chinese. As growing up in Korean under the influence of 80, all kinds of custom in South Korea have a certain understanding at the same time, the more is the experience of the family, this unique advantage that Korean products Home Furnishing living museum became the choice of the optimal 80.

read more

Although the top of the private poppy flower is beautiful but illegal

brought flowers roof is a very beautiful scenery, but the roof of private poppies, indeed illegal, recently, a netizen drying out their own ignorance of private roof poppies is checked, the specific circumstances of a look!

27 learned from the police, the local police before Pu’er, through online video seized an illegal poppy eradication of opium poppy plants, a total of 163 strains.

22 this month, the city of Mojiang County Public Security Bureau police station police patrol found online at the alignment process, a netizen posted a video on the mobile phone, the police carefully in the video finally found a similar drug plants poppies. After repeated comparison of the police, the final confirmation of the video appeared in the original plant poppy plant. read more

Xining Second People’s culture and Arts Festival in July the opening of the people stage

  culture, cohesion city power; art, light people dream. By the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal civilization office, sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of the "I said, I sing, I practice" — Xining city to cultivate and practice the socialist core value activities and the second session of the public culture and Art Festival will be held in July 17th in the central square big stage people opening activities at the end of August, for a more than a month.It is reported that the read more