Blue sea Amoy dry cargo train Taobao training quality score of 10 skills

Amoy dry cargo train

blue ocean, the quality score of 10


today share is the train on the night of 10 hot words, many people feel that the train is very difficult, yes, the train is difficult, at least now train than train a few years ago to be difficult, but as long as the heart can still play;

train is just an accurate drainage tool, there are 3 core: 1 hits; 2.PPC; output ratio of;

click through rate is the threshold of the train, good at through the car hit rate, is good at 10 word segmentation; will play the 10 word, then the basic PPC is not high where to go. Of course, the most difficult is the transformation of the car, a good product, cheap PPC will have a good ROI; read more

Lazy company Unfamiliar Street living in the shadow of Tencent

Tang Yan said that the heart is lonely, while there are strong social desire of people who are unfamiliar street typical users. Sina Technology Zhang Nan

twists and turns, unfamiliar street from the river garden villa moved to the new office of Beijing China World Trade Center Wantong center. This new office decoration has a startup rare fresh and chic, main tone and unfamiliar street is almost identical to APP blue.

I contact the Internet for a long time, in the early days of the Internet, life is more important people are aware of the internet." Tang Yan of sina technology, Internet social networking has been on his very large, but came to Beijing in the Internet industry after BBS, it is difficult to start a community, to meet new friends. read more

The four links price to complete the courier to shop Starving people fill the land

in the online shopping market, both the buyer and seller or the supply chain in all aspects of the logistics price fluctuations are particularly sensitive. May readers think, every single price 0.5~1 yuan is not necessary, but standing in the position of the seller to get excited over a little thing, and when faced with hundreds of orders every day, even when thousands of orders, but long decimal count. Logistics expenditure as a relatively stable operating expenses, the cost has been relatively fixed, but also allows many buyers and sellers in the overall price budget is relatively easy to control, easy to achieve cost management. Once encountered a variety of logistics companies within a short time the overall price changes, often let the owner caught off guard. read more

From the Taobao announcement ahead looked at Ma Yun

a few years ago when Ali acquired the reputation network, and friends talked about Ma Yunchao before the eyes, now Alibaba B2B business to business platform from person to person, C2C platform, Taobao mall, all of which can be used to open up all the YAHOO mailbox login account, the seller to promote products through the Ali mama, through to analyze the needs of life and reputation sharing information through the Internet network to promote further prosperity and development, promote the survival and growth of phpwind by the owners, through a scouring network to meet the needs of users to search, to solve all aspects of integrated system through Ali cloud, through Alipay solve collection and capital flow to the ecosystem, is the lack of enterprise brand planning this, because Yahoo China media platform failure, let Taobao take creative mission, and now released "Innovation" strategy for the whole Taobao strategy is more perfect, will come from the professional marketing consulting agencies, advertising companies, well-known enterprises and marketing professionals in e-commerce marketing of this new brand marketing, marketing industry from the traditional channel officially entered the Internet era. read more

China’s ten major electricity supplier website double network performance report of 11

Abstract: website access speed, performance is stable, will have a direct impact on the conversion rate of orders, thereby affecting the final turnover. Double 11 day, Raincent use of small bee measurement platform for China’s top 10 most important e-commerce platform for monitoring the site, summed up the performance report of the top ten e-commerce sites.

in the rapid development of the Internet today, e-commerce has become a part of people’s lives, especially young people, online shopping has gradually become the most important shopping channels. 11 is Chinese unique online shopping carnival, this day is not only the buyer seller’s purse, sales, and system of the e-commerce websites to bear ability and internal operation ability. Site access speed, performance is stable, will have a direct impact on the conversion rate of orders, thereby affecting the final turnover. Double 11 day, Raincent use of small bee measurement platform for China’s top 10 most important e-commerce platform for monitoring the site, summed up the performance report of the top ten e-commerce sites. read more

How to fully understand the operation of micro operators

for micro business, different friends will have different operating practices, this is understandable, but we see more of the manipulation of the disorder and randomness. It is like a war, many friends are using guerrilla tactics, seemingly a lot of profit, relaxed and casual, but can not form a more powerful impact, micro business career will be stagnant. So in such a case, how can we tease out a more effective micro business philosophy?

integrity is the first element of micro business. Micro business to a large extent stained with WeChat’s light, there is no WeChat, micro business naturally reduce the number of efforts. Then combined with WeChat, and the core competitiveness of the micro business from where? On the surface, micro business development is about to do a small, small and large, the cumulative operating concept has penetrated into the new and old practitioners heart, we use WeChat constantly screening users, constantly, constantly exploring more effective the promotion, but in the process there is always treachery "profiteers". They have let itself not mature business micro payment system becomes very careful, not only that, the derivative of the rise of the law began to allow more users to buy with caution, in case I cheated, if the product is not good to do a refund. And so on concern among derivative stands in the teeth of the storm. Although a large area of fake WeChat after the storm, the wind stop selling, against the individual micro business way "profiteers" still exists. The good faith management as a guide to action derivative, as well as derivative moral standards, micro operators not cheap, do not care about the business of the gain and loss, to improve service quality, meet customer demand for the business philosophy. read more

Melon seeds used car and 200 million U S dollars is a stimulant or sedative

news January 29th, according to the relevant media broke the news, the seeds of second-hand car direct sale network recently completed over 200 million dollars in financing, investment is expected after a number of investors in the market, after the round seeds valued at more than $1 billion. Car thing brother is not surprised by this news, CEO Yang said he would burn at least $100 million in 2016. The financing market rumors already completed.

car thing brother believes that the financing will be used car electricity supplier, especially the C2C model of second-hand car electricity supplier played a stimulant, at least the capital side of this model may be profitable. But for the entire used car electricity supplier, it is more like playing a sedative agent, although in 2016 financing, but from the real oligarchs appear far. read more

When the pure nternet model of this road is not used when the car how to do O2O

text / do book Jun

iResearch fresh Chinese second-hand car electricity supplier industry research report shows that the first half of this year, second-hand car trading has reached the scale of 4 billion 700 million yuan, turnover of 82 thousand vehicles, and last year the size of the transaction only 50 thousand vehicles.

used car business is about to become a giant rising "outlet", from the beginning of last year by entrepreneurs and investors feudal lords vying for the throne. Among them, this year has just joined the fray Eslite excellent car is one of the most eye-catching performance, last December, to get it real fund millions of angel investment, after a month and got the IDG capital of nearly ten million U.S. dollars A round of financing, the first flagship store opened in May after 3 months has reached sales numbers were more than and 100 months, still with the average monthly growth rate of 30%. read more

Meaning continuous jewelry online orders online delivery of e commerce

according to statistics, in 2010 Chinese jewelry market size of more than 300 billion, but on the Internet, jewelry sales accounted for only 1% of the overall scale, industry experts believe that by 2011 the online jewelry can direct the market accounted for 2-3%, and the user can move the market scale to more than 15% growth, which is almost 7 billion, the network marketing mode so people outside the industry generally optimistic about jewelry.

according to the National Inspection Center for consumer follow-up, currently plaguing the jewelry sales network is still the biggest issue of integrity, television and online media to online shopping jewelry often quality problems, many well-known brands of "black list" has also been repeatedly reported, many consumers confront and cheap online shopping from impact network sales of jewelry in a certain extent. read more

What is nternet domain name

technically speaking, domain name is just a way to solve the problem of IP address correspondence in Internet. Internet domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the Internet network.

    domain name is in the form of a number of English letters and numbers, separated by a few parts, such as IBM.COM is a domain name, NAMESKY.COM is an international domain name. Whether it is an international or domestic domain name, access to the Internet network of people around the world are able to accurately access. From the business point of view, the domain name has been hailed as "the company’s online trademark". No enterprise does not attach importance to their products logo – trademark, and the importance of the domain name and its value, has also been recognized by enterprises around the world. In March 1998 a month, the world registered 179331 generic top-level domain (according to InterNIC data), an average of 5977 domain names registered every day, each of the 25! The record is growing at a rate of 7% a month. The number of Chinese domain name registration, from the end of 96 before the cumulative of the more than and 300, to of the year of November soared to the 16644, the monthly growth rate of 10%. read more

Tai Chi even cheating on HC ad campaign announcement

            all the webmaster, the advertisers response by the League comprehensive verification, the following members in the delivery of products in the process of HC serious cheating, hereby publicity:

            lelew88, lvsexinqing, adu829, familiar. Xiuxianw, 8money, jiuzhoudaoke, ggggai159, shouma12, hexk, tbzhijia, ucxf, liuxing111, taojin8, chenyong1, my21th, mylight

              the above members produced in cheating during all about the advertising effect shall be regarded as invalid data! No settlement! And hold the right to pursue its legal responsibility! read more

Taobao mall online supermarket operators try to stop the first life service in Shanghai

January 15th, Taobao mall online supermarket ( formally launched the first trial operation in Shanghai. It is understood that Taobao mall online supermarket planning has half the time, with more and more supermarket retail industry businesses, enterprises and logistics warehousing partners, Taobao mall to build B2C platform of one-stop supplies procurement and service model is gradually revealed.


online supermarket has been questioned, but in the online shopping trend, many traditional department stores have ocs. October 2010 intime network formally launched, is seen as a symbol of the traditional department store industry into e-commerce. Then, MerryMart supermarket Lianhua Lianhua OK network shopping center will come on the stage. Transformation of traditional stores online trend has become. read more

Talk about several foreign registered domain name business pros and cons

Enom name GoDaddy is a registered domain name is more, the domestic domain name business is not very understanding of these, I would like to introduce their differences and the pros and cons of the right under the bar on the! Don’t blame me if I don’t write well!

godaddy is said to be the largest global domain name registration, where the domain name is the first in the world, buy a host in the GoDaddy or SSL domain name registration is $1.99 COM domain name registration is $6.99     register a domain name to send a free 5G space advertising, gave EMIAL what services, value-added the service is very good, the parsing speed is very good, I used it the parsing speed is too fast, feeling less than 1 minutes of good, and domestic ***DNS analysis to more than 1 days read more

Pizza com domain name 2 million 600 thousand to shoot high

news April 7th, an American man days ago for $2 million 600 thousand (about 18 million 250 thousand yuan) price will be sold to the domain of another bid for unnamed person.

is the owner of the domain name before the age of 43 Chris Clark, in 1994, he applied to the domain name, the domain name for each year to pay $20 fee. He said that before the domain name transaction, the domain name has been put on the Internet for a week of auction.

Clark initially bought the domain name for $20 and turned it into a pizza delivery directory. Clark is said to have been profitable in the past few years. read more

How to make good use of clothing enterprises buy hammer

shortly before the president of the Dunhuang network Wang Shutong, had mentioned in an article, buy mode is not a universal hammer. In contrast, Chinese whole group purchase market, from the original hundred regiments to now thousands of war, spectacular and intensified, can let a person see the market group purchase Jinpen exuberant prosperity, even many well-known IT people said that in the next few years China the group purchase market will usher in a reshuffle. But now it is more wash more. read more

Three domain name 069 com to 7500 transaction

three digit domain name in the country has been favored by the majority of Internet companies and Internet users,,, and other digital domain names have been applied to three well-known sites. Three digital domain names in the domain name trading market is also of concern, recently in foreign well-known domain name trading network to $7500 price.

it is understood that the original holds the name Replic8 Solutions Inc Canada Company holds, the buyer information is encrypted, temporarily unable to obtain new holder information. read more

The war between electronic commerce and traditional commerce

There is a famous saying in

‘s western philosophers: existence is reasonable, yes, since there is such a thing in the world, and has her own living space, then there is the truth. We can go to reject, we can go to not accept, we can also use alternative vision to look at those new things. We know that the development of things she has the potential law of development, that is advancing wave type, spiral, this is nothing can escape the law, just as we cannot escape from the same old die! Is a kind of electronic commerce is one of the Internet has created, a group of a group of heroes the characters, also let a lot of people fear, realize the true meaning of the people will say it is a business opportunity, it is an opportunity for two people who do not know, will say that it is the devil, swallow money machine. A few years ago the Internet hype let many investment companies bubble so we unable to get up after a fall, said the arrival, in fact we all know, a seed, to the fields after flowering can result, and it also has a certain process. And as we cite this example, your original seed is also very important, this seed determines whether you want to harvest success or failure! read more

YxB2B cause analysis of low PR value of commercial network

recently through the investigation of B2B website PR value is equal to 0 or is very small, so B2B may have low PR value of the site is what causes? There may be some problems in the aspects of Web site structure, hierarchy, information update frequency etc.. Although the website PR value high may not explain what problem, but still have some problems that low.

personally think that there is not much significance to improve the PR value of the site itself, but through the analysis of the reason of low PR value of the site, can discover the problem of website. The cause of most of the domestic B2B e-commerce website PR value low at least comprises several factors: Web page URL hierarchy is too deep; copy of the website or web page; correlation design and web page title. read more

Governance derivative MLM shall be filled as soon as possible legal short board

in China devoted to the fight against pyramid administrative regulations "regulations prohibit pyramid schemes", implemented since November 1, 2005, the legal system is mainly designed for traditional MLM, because this WeChat social networking tools have not appeared, for this new type of MLM did not involve.

recently, CCTV reported the first domestic WeChat pyramid schemes, claiming to be "Asian hypnotist" Chen under the banner of "millionaire" banner, taught in Nanjing, Shanghai and other places, to teach people to use WeChat, the agency, the development of new members and let everyone buy these courses, borrow the money about 4600000 yuan. Recently, this is the first case in Nanjing WeChat MLM case in Xuanwu court. read more

CASO responded to Dangdang online selling events tolerance to tort is not

CCTV recently exposed Dangdang sales fake table event, referring to Dangdang sales of Casio not only not authorized to sell, but also to consumers to sell fake table. After the incident, Dangdang said it has all the shelves of Casio.

Why would

well-known e-commerce sites selling counterfeit watches? Is the case or industry phenomenon? What is the reason behind? How to distinguish between genuine and fake fake? How to ensure the interests of consumers? How rights infringed by the manufacturers in the sale of fake? after the scandal, also appears on the market doubts, Casio Inc responsible person of one response. read more