PC and mobile terminals to achieve through QQ space for mobile community products 4 enlightenment

on the last day of the May Day holiday at noon, QQ space team announced: "only one day in May 2nd, QQ space to upload photos had exceeded the number 510 million!" we used to calculate, even if calculated according to the per capita 3 pictures, QQ space daily active users will post up to 170 million according to public data, this! At least 3 times the number of active users of the Sina micro-blog


QQ has been space seem mysterious and low-key, I have seen in the contact areas of the most direct example is the Guangzhou Netcom QQ space mother – mother and infant APP circle, data show that they are only 8 months almost created a mother network. read more

Website promotion seize this your website can succeed

A5 released a lot of experience, always feel a little less today, took time out to add, no matter how terrible or how we do stand unsteady and anxiety, we really ought to adhere to in the first place, of course it is not me to preach, we first give a cheer, do so long standing, who really feel the station is easy to open up the situation, not looking at GG all day slaving away, or worry, or looking at the poor flow of heartache, let me quote the words of Ma: "today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful, most people died in tomorrow night, so we have to face hard every day today", in a word, we must insist on. read more

Where does the stationmaster go for warmth in winter

winter is coming. It’s getting cold. At this time, there are many people who need warmth. Although the poor people are very difficult, the country and the region have already paid attention to it. What about our personal owners?

every day we will give their station updates for links, focus on search engines constantly on the site included, see his site keywords ranking rise or fall, take the time code, original and acquisition, A5 learning experience and skills, constantly improve their own change, the ultimate goal hope your station can get more publicity, let more people know and accept that the results of these efforts are basically seen through the data, and these data have become the webmaster of the passions. read more

Web data analysis the premise of analysis data quality 2

‘s previous article introduced some basic concepts of data quality, and data quality control, as the basic link of data warehouse, is the foundation to protect the application of upper data. Quality assurance data includes data summary analysis (Data Profiling) (Data Auditing), data auditing and data correction (Data Correcting) three parts, the article introduces the related content of Data Profiling, a summary of the statistical information of data obtained from the Data Profiling, so the following is to use these statistics to review the quality of the data, the existence of dirty data check data, so this article mainly introduces the audit data (Data Auditing) content. read more

Talk about the experience of doing web site for two years

has been doing this website for two years in a blink of an eye. The excitement at the beginning has been transformed into current love and concentration. In the past two years, a lot of things have happened, many choices have created the present situation. It can not be said to be very successful, but it is also a good one. My income can basically catch up with my classmates who have been looking for jobs since they graduated from university. Now the students party, talk about the experience of the past two years, life is the most rich I. read more

How to correctly understand the activities of new media operations

what is an activity operation? The operators of a product are able to achieve the specified product goals in a short period of time, independent or combined, through a number of activities. It is so important? The first Mr view, operating activities almost every product operation Department of the standard, the products in the operation process, so that products can be the best way to enhance the value of product information and feedback.


users, probably for a product in the beginning is not so familiar, but the product activity allows users to remember forever, whether it is very cool to burst the experience is very bad experience. We all know more about the product from our activities. And the product can also be further optimized, and some good activities into a system of construction, such as group buying system, coupon system, spike system, invitation system, attendance system, and so on. For these activities as operators of practicing what skills? And MR analysis to show you the first. read more

Analysis of the method of Tencent space depth utilization to promote flow transformation

the most important thing we do is to promote the traffic of the website, and also need to be able to translate into the actual value of traffic. But a lot of time, it is very difficult to improve the website traffic, and it is very difficult to improve the traffic conversion rate of the website. Even through good SEO optimization, to enhance the site’s ranking, traffic in a short period of time has achieved growth, but how much traffic can bring actual value for the site


traffic into difficult, the key lies in the webmaster friends did not find a suitable method, with the application of the network continues to expand, in addition to Baidu there are more ways to promote traffic growth can be selected, the Tencent space is a good choice, if you are still using QQ software, and verified by a friend to screen friends, so there is a friend to verify the important information that is derived from the QQ space. Thus, QQ space is a good source of traffic transformation. read more

Doomed to earn money 8 types of webmaster

first class work: a hot, not one of the constant one. The construction of Web site, especially the promotion of the website to invest a lot of effort, the success of the webmaster must remember such a plot: night a little more, is also the Internet bubble.

second: people who want to become rich overnight through the website. People come to understand this point, that is not a half time meeting,.

third: the website just a bit of traffic is eager to put spam advertising people. Maybe your website just get other people’s good opinion, but soon by your spam advertising destroyed. read more

A grassroots webmaster do station experience

contact network time is not too short, but unfortunately, until now, I’m still a grassroots webmaster, a very confused grassroots webmaster. I think most of the grassroots are confused, with a good vision of the Internet, a headlong into the network, began the webmaster career. Why would I say I am confused, perhaps I am too stupid, nothing creative, and now do the stations are some garbage stations, and some stations are not included in Baidu, ah, it is not easy to do a small grassroots ah. I also thought to be only a short while ago I do a good website, but the technical level is limited, now only with others design templates, although the content is king, but you don’t have a good template, how can I ask you to keep your visitors? So I began a web page template design learning, finally in my efforts to learn how to use the PS design template, about three months, the first of my web site, to tell the truth because it is the first time to design their own website, although the page art is very poor, but also is a few months of hard work results. When do stand just for fun, interested in it, never thought about using a website to make money, plus I sometimes lazy, website update speed up, Baidu included not ideal, finally because of work reasons to give up the site, think now is really a little regret not to continue to adhere to go on. read more

Diligence updates caution hangs thief code

website can generally adhere to the collection of updated webmaster is not much, if a lot of, it is estimated that now can earn money is mostly, not now, a few can make money. The reason is nothing but perseverance and perseverance.

I am a webmaster, I like, also lazy, in order to "diligent" update, I stand under the two level domain name is v.532700.net mainly is the movie "the thief" program, said the "thief" program as we all know, is to steal the update information, the interception of people into the main. Your. No updates, stolen websites updated. Your site has also been updated. When you do it, you don’t have to worry about it. read more

Buy a website to face shuffle specific fractionize market is successful breach

        accompanied by the Internet in 2009 a series of crackdown campaigns, the domestic Internet also blew a group buying wind, online shopping group craze swept the country. Group buying websites have sprung up like mushrooms. According to the relevant data shows that the number of domestic buy site has more than 500. The network group purchase brings together the majority of consumers, by its own group of consumers and merchants group purchase website and issued jointly issued e-commerce group purchase form, through one-time purchases of goods to the user and the business negotiation ability, so as to reduce the price of goods. Thus by the vast numbers of network consumers, and therefore quickly popular. read more

A rookie experience

This is my

just a month old rookie will this month do stand experience to write down, write well please forgive me if I feel very boring, veteran please bypass.

I began to contact do stand a month ago, just one month time let me learn a lot of things, and let me have deep experience is: do stand must maintain a good attitude, unremittingly to do so


I do is picture station, beautiful figure, and to the station did better SEO, just do stand a day was GG included, for I just contacted the site of the rookie, it is very happy thing. With a good start, I have a lot of motivation, I insist on updating every day, and do a certain amount of the chain. During my stay in the station, I appreciate my brother’s strong support, because with his stand, my IP rushed to 2000 in third days. Later, after I took the trouble to lobby, talked about a few PR4 or more than Baidu included at least 200 pages of friendship, in order to allow Baidu to include as soon as possible. read more

Grassroots money but love the truth moved tens of millions of people

grassroots webmaster are everywhere now, he did not have the money, the domain name space is already spent a lot of effort, after doing a good job, but not previously think so good, poor little every day flow, the money every day live frugally so naught,

is worth?

our grassroots is no money, but we have a moving heart, the truth is priceless, the power is infinite!


more than a month ago, a friend and two people to buy bought the domain name space, began their own grassroots career, we do is a forum Changsha Star Community (http://s.www.xk0731.com/), the early development is good, but there is no additional funds to maintain the development of the website, we all know that it is difficult to the development of. read more

56 your vicious speculation has seriously deviated from the national significance

what happened,


some time ago, there was a 56 page 90 claiming to be non mainstream MM made a criticism of so-called "Indoorsman, Indoorswoman" 80 after 70 after the video, the video in the MM and do not say is not 90, but has the age group seriously and discrimination. More harmful to the difference between the rich and poor indoctrination.

next, 56 home soon released a "positive Indoorsman 80 to 90 back" on the MM video, the video is not what positive meaning, but full of decadent decadent ideas. Then, the group war took place in this era. Comments on the emergence of 80, attack, abuse, 90 words are not enough. 90 also launched after 80 groups counterattack. read more

Analysis a classic bad website of the ten major standards

in the analysis of many sites, find good website success, poor sites also have the same standards, especially a classic bad website, always find similarities in some places, once a few of your site with the ten standard hanging hook, will be the classic poor the site of doom, if these ten sites accounted for all of you, please leave it or the webmaster circle, another way better.

one, I don’t know what Internet users want,

What is the

for Internet users? Many owners do not understand, so the website to do is to follow the trend, others do what he will do, always follow others ass away, without a clear positioning of their own website, there is no unique attraction for Internet users, this site is a classic site of the poor common examples, but also know how to do market analysis and demand analysis, or your website is to see who do, show them what you don’t know, don’t expect that more users get what useful information from your website. read more

Local website survival philosophy understand technology but also marketing

for local websites, technology is the basis of survival, marketing is the way of development, the two complement each other, and are indispensable. Marketing can rely on technical means, the most typical is SEO. Technology can also be acquired through marketing, such as technology outsourcing or through a reward offering. In the network before the start, I have got in the direct selling industry for a period of time. Money is not earned, but some running business skills are impressive, the operation of Sanming 0598 talent, Sanming secretarial network and other sites of great benefit. The essence of it is "five steps, eight points"". This weekend, take a moment to give you a brief introduction. read more

Horse Grassland are you ready for the website revision

as the saying goes, "trees move dead, people move live.". And personal website is the same, there is a certain life cycle, in the normal operation after a period of time, if the site organizers think the website itself "problems", it needs to have the operation, website revision, in order to better meet the needs of users.

The revision of the

website means a change in some management ideas. Change and do not change, is definitely not a racking our brains decide things, need to be cautious. After all, the revised website takes into account visitor adaptation and habits. Success or failure requires practice. However, if we are on the site before the revision, "why to change" and "change" what the rational thinking, then to minimize the adverse effects brought by the website, so as to avoid. read more

Analysis of correct website construction and operation thinking unique and persistent

Now many

do most of them remain in the imitation stage, such as navigation station, all follow the navigation station, group purchase station to make money, so we have to follow the trend to do group purchase station, but can really make money webmaster rarely, especially some large portal also enter the navigation, enter the group purchase, will the individual stationmaster profit margins squeezed into a very small space! So many webmaster website operators will end in failure!

In fact,

follow the trend of this behavior in people’s minds has been ingrained, some time ago, Japan’s Fukushima nuclear leakage time, Japanese no panic, we Chinese people have staged a scene of the wave of looting salt farce, which is to follow the trend of the consequences of this disaster is often more terrible even for! The construction site is the site, group purchase herd behavior is serious, lead to a large number of group purchase website because of fierce competition and have closed down! Do not only follow the trend of visible harm, in others! Baidu Robin Li warned the station long friends, do not follow the trend of the construction site, look for to do that is required to do! How to become an independent school and unremittingly! Can become an independent school unremittingly and read more

16 days let the engine included new tips

on new sites included, has been difficult for you to solve the problem of thinking, I think if you are new sites, in the domain name before buying, you should pay attention to the following:

1. to buy the domain name before each big search engine website, there is no record, if there is a record, generally by Baidu and some website K objects, and the website of Baidu is not included in.


2. domain name is best within 5 characters, abcdf.com, abc.com, too long to remember, and this is an important part of the evergreen site,. read more