On line today Pv6 will bring change to Shanghai dragon angle

deal with search engine personalized search", the author thinks that the Shanghai dragon is to deviate from them, we also need to optimize the user experience as the center. As Shanghai dragon Er we must jump off the Shanghai dragon alley. The influence of the factors will be more and more, over time and even the search engine algorithm will not be like now to do addition, then according to the ranking and score level. Of course, Google won’t tell you he is doing the addition or subtraction. IPv6 soon, will be selected out. Are you ready? read more

Love Shanghai night love Shanghai focus on users to vote for new action

search results show love Shanghai Cao Haitao blog a domain name.

as follows

love night in Shanghai and Shanghai after the news search love Shanghai turning the user first gun

hospital intimate show

just search Congress hear love Shanghai Lee says, yesterday I also deliberately share some experiences and views I saw yesterday, Lu Songsong’s blog also published in the Shanghai Journal of love, the article has reiterated the two views of love in Shanghai:


web search in the future: the depth of analysis of user behavior data mining machine search engine based on read more

Key words on the front page of how fast We must grasp the 4 periods

is a space to shield the site search engine spiders, another situation is DNS problem, also is the DNS server, when we visit our website, first analysis with IP address, and then through the IP address to find the server problem when parsing the website, resolve to IP may be taking to shield. Especially in a small space and taking some foreign business space, this.

then we should be how to judge whether the domain name is used before we fall in love with the sea K? We can directly enter directly in the love of Shanghai: site: your domain name or directly in Google enter your domain name, see whether your domain name information before. Here I recommend you use Google to search, because Google included more timely will be more comprehensive, if you have old domain name information, then we should go to a domain name to replace the decisive. read more

The mark of love Shanghai in search results found

is a list of my own ranking

in the search results will have such a picture, look more pictures, obviously this is another big improvement love Shanghai structured data, this improvement should be a system upgrade like Shanghai. But you may have so few questions as follows.

you site your own website, will find that their home is the latest snapshot of your site, and you love the Shanghai title that snapshot is not necessarily the most new. This understanding in Xiaobin is a correlation with the weight problem. You site your own web site, the correlation is the highest, so will the best. read more

How to guide the flow of a website

: first by way of regular brush "search, drop-down box or

second: blog visits

I believe that many owners have had similar troubles for a long time why built site does not flow? Some day when several people see? This can be said to be the owners of the problem. The webmaster friends simply find the software to brush flow, or for each brush. We all know that a site without flow if you can’t do what. Flow of potential customers of post operation can proceed. How can a popular traffic? Today Fujian Shanghai dragon head wind will share with you some of my thoughts: read more

Link building should be how to set goals and evaluate your competitiveness

monitors your links to competitors

analysis of your competitors link is a very important part of the Shanghai dragon but now we only want to pay attention to the chain two – chain number and your competitors. These data will help you for your own custom fit your goals.  

"a lot of" what is

my last column is used to observe how can increase your external links. Regularly check your links, record number, and draw out how they are increased with the change of time, this is a very important step to control the link.   however, the most important is not as usual imagination, but also do something to change their. In other words, you need to establish a link, a lot of links.   read more

How to operate overseas data from falling in love with the site outside the chain chain

although the chain of personal space in the number of no advantage, but the more small piece of meat, for our small webmaster was not what the chain resources can a piece is a piece of

this is love Shanghai crawl A5 forum data, we all know that A5 is unable to add text anchor text signature can only capture data, and love Shanghai and I just BBS signature is the same, indicating that the forum signature effect still exists. But many webmaster said the forum signature effect did not, presumably because of the large amount of irrigation in Weakness lends wings to rumours. forum content quality decline in love in Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience of those who use the forum had to reduce the weight of the chain of the irrigation, so everyone in the forum after the number of the chain must not only quality is king. read more

How to carry out the analysis of user needs


first, search the word "Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai drop-down box the first word there is "what" is Shanghai dragon, this shows that want to understand the concept of Shanghai Longfeng users is the most, so in our website content inside the content reflected the concept of the Shanghai dragon, appeared in second. "Shanghai Dragon optimization" this word, we find the word with "Shanghai dragon is what the word" user demand, the difference between the two is not in the third position is "Shanghai dragon", indicating that the user has tutorial tutorial Shanghai Longfeng demand and so on, and so on. read more

n the face of love Shanghai engine continued to force the website optimization method of how to cha

search engine algorithm changes the original and pseudo original mode, before the site only need to find some writers just write some articles can cause the attention to search engine spiders per day to website content capture, and with the change of the search engine, which deliberately false original and copy of the article has not been able to cause the search the engine’s attention, now the search engine is really love the original article, a few days ago I took a website beginning with the method of pseudo original wrote a 500 word article search engine is not included, but yesterday I wrote a more than 1000 word of the original article, the article in 2 an hour it was included in the search engine, can be seen from the search engine algorithm change to the website. read more

How to optimize the effect of the 2012 forum signature examples

we can see if we’re in a forum on the left tens of thousands of signatures to reply, but as long as we in the day the account signature change or delete, before being included in our signature forum posts on the link will change. That is to say, we have left the signature link all was changed into the current signature links, and what is the impact on our site? First, the weights of the site is basically unchanged, we can also see the weight brought from this forum signature is basically negligible. Then, it can give new links to bring more opportunities to the spider crawling, although many posts are included, the spider crawling little again, but some can be crawling. The following is the experimental site, I have to look through the change of the forum signature effect: read more

Teach you how to establish an effective method for the high quality of the chain


if you want to leave the chain through the blog, you must first blog of the weight of it, otherwise the chain effect will be relatively poor. Search engines are now given because of the weight of the blog chain has greatly reduced, so we must first improve the weight of their own blog, the effect will be obvious.

chain mainly has two forms, one is the URL link, the other is the anchor text link. The main role is to accelerate the link of the website, the main role is to enhance the link anchor text keywords ranking. The anchor text link function is superior to the URL, because anchor text links not only contains all functional links, but also played a role in promoting the keyword ranking. In general, only to be able to click on a hyperlink is a valid chain, one can not click on the text in the form of Web site is not effective outside chain. read more

Divorced can still fight with him hernto the winter to Wangzhuan station sexual enlightenment

don’t think Godaddy can choose a space of trouble, although the www.wosoho on Godaddy at peace, but at least you know a Griswold registrar with information missing deleted a gender station domain, also has the Registrar shield outside the domestic registered domain names. Of course, Griswold is not responsible for the remarks about these two domain names, just spreading information.

in fact, shocking the site for the record, Griswold a sharp point: MII hold Internet management gate finally. The network through the to the IDC’s instructions are more powerful than the GFW, a simple sentence relates to vulgar can ask IDC to close the illegal site in 20 minutes, this is the situation, but also to. read more

Analysis sites included four reasons and lifting

site outside the chain of unstable

the following is the author summarizes the reason analysis.


, a host of unstable

recently webmasters are telling their own web site is included before 1949, the web site is included although there continued to decline, but the amount of lift recorded in a month and adducent really annoying. For this I believe that many owners have this experience. The author thinks that the website is not stable, the reason why today tomorrow is mainly from high and low of the site itself, rather than the search engine database. We should be looking for reasons to own site, don’t fantasy is search engine problem. Today the author takes examples to talk about the website included the amount of repeated movements for several reasons, the hope can help you find the right reasons. read more

B2C mall operation must know the four Shanghai dragon core optimization

as the B2C store content, mainly pictures and title and property, as well as a variety of related products is rich in content, now a lot of B2C mall, in the product introduction, often have the form of pictures to do, I think it has a defect, that is not conducive to the love of spiders in Shanghai the grab, you know, now love Shanghai spiders can crawl the main text content, to the content of an image, often grasping is unlikely, unless it is included to love Shanghai pictures inside the channel, it also requires the picture should have the ALT property can, otherwise the picture will not read more

QQ space for the building materials industry value of marketing and marketing methods

for example: the marketing of building materials products is the radiator, the radiator belongs to the heating equipment, the author will choose the targeted website promotion, can go to some large building materials forum, the forum has potential users very powerful, promotion is content to the user experience, the best is great to help the user, and then left to marketing the QQ number or QQ address space, if easy to be deleted, I can spend some money to go to the site to communicate, and then slowly spread and accumulate fans. read more

Teach you how to do the chain is the best

high weight chain: Links and one-way links to these links are more difficult to obtain high weight links, these links are more difficult to obtain and high weight, but Sina blog website one-way links to these resources, Gao Quanzhong is not outside the chain, the registration costs are low, these can easily get dozens of one-way links some, like portal website high traffic websites and ICO class to do a one-way or Links to your website, this link is great value. (ICO site is in the web page title on the left there is a small table, this icon is the search engine for, not made himself) read more

Shanghai dragon master group blackbird road Shanghai Longfeng learning

remember when my learning method, I now want to laugh, because most people had to later become a question from a group I won’t ask rookie, sometimes disturb him every day (dust Buddha), to ask questions on his ass, several times he wanted to take me out of T, at last I begged finally is not bear to T me, because I am so unremittingly efforts, led me out of rookie, thank you very much for the dust of buddha.

station! Shanghai dragon Now there are a lot of the original

when I learn about the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon group in the master told me that only Shanghai dragon theory is useless, I just think they gave me a splash of cold water, let me taste cool, but also for this reason, the second day, I registered a domain name. Because I want to do a health station, so I chose 520 healthy every day this domain, when I choose a good domain name, I have to buy a space, no space, domain name is not what, after many of my choice, the final choice in the www.***贵族宝贝 to buy, why buy it because of this, do not record the record at home to spend more than 100 dollars for the novice, we can not spend so much money to record, then the price is cheap, fast, this is the most important, the PING value is very low, with love Marine little difference, so I chose this program, I used dedecms, when everything is ready, I began my trip to Shanghai Longfeng practice, when I stand well, I found I had a lot of things will not, for example, how to increase the site’s weight, how to make love in Shanghai more, these problems do not stand in before and after do not consider, in the group in question, I also learn more knowledge, I put my knowledge into practice, to now has become small. read more

Share suning贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon plan



1, you can add a special TV shopping. TV shopping products are short-term hot so we can use your site keywords can reach ideal product weight, fast ranking, and obtain additional traffic.

site layout

2, domain name classification: for example: mobile phone products partition is www.suning贵族宝贝/sj/ so that the www.suning贵族宝贝/sj/sjpj/ mobile phone accessories. Domain name classification directly tell the importance of the search engine which page, instead of products and product partition sub page level. The higher the level of search engine weight distribution is higher. read more

Su Di Kang Shanghai City Longfeng site looks very beautiful

Shanghai City Longfeng operation involves a lot of professional knowledge. For example, Shanghai City Longfeng business process analysis and optimization, Shanghai City, Shanghai City Longfeng expert packaging strategy Longfeng customer education strategy. In addition, Shanghai City Longfeng website design, corporate training planning, copy writing, is an important part of the city of Shanghai dragon in operation.

Shanghai City Longfeng operation anxiety

of Shanghai City Longfeng, orders is the necessary way to profit. The so-called Shanghai City Longfeng orders, refers to the city of Shanghai Longfeng site maintenance provide customer service service to Shanghai dragon or the surrounding local enterprises, in accordance with the amount of service charge behavior. read more

Take care of the original is your attitude persistence and innovation

people every day also pay attention to Lu Songsong’s blog, see his slogan is that attitude is more important than ability, the slogan is too right. Treat the original, really need an attitude. For example, we reproduced the site, first in the txt document filtering to anchor text links others to filter out; each paragraph begins to empty two words; a blank line between Duanhe; the picture into the center display, for each picture with ALT markers; even at the end give others the statement or article copyright information sources to others in the back chain; the article met the corresponding text to do it on our own site within the chain, these are we seriously do? This is to treat the attitudes, after the operation, even if we do not have the original first hand. This attitude, the search engine will naturally think we are original. People also wrote an article that is the original search engines to be tolerant, there is a certain tolerance. Otherwise, the articles are not reproduced, the Internet is not the internet. read more