Welch votes for, House passes middle class tax cut extension

first_imgUS Representative Peter Welch voted to extend tax cuts for middle- and lower-income Americans on Thursday, while blasting Republican maneuvers to hold legislative business hostage as the party fights for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.Passed by a vote of 234 to 188, the Middle Class Tax Relief Act (H.R. 4853) would permanently extend tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 for all income below $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for married couples. Without an extension, tax rates would revert to pre-2001 levels on January 1, 2011.‘Extending tax relief for middle-class Americans will help the economy and help Vermonters struggling to get by. But digging ourselves deeper into debt by borrowing $700 billion to give millionaires and billionaires tax breaks is simply unconscionable,’ Welch said.‘At a time when we’re nickel and diming hungry and cold Vermonters by cutting fuel assistance, food stamps and Social Security payments, how can we even consider doling out billions to those who need it least? And at a time when our national debt has reached an untenable level, how can we even consider borrowing $700 billion to fund tax breaks for the rich?’While the Middle Class Tax Relief Act focuses on lower- and middle-income Americans, the tax relief would apply to the first $200,000 or $250,000 of income for all taxpayers.The bill now goes to the Senate, though Senate Republican leaders have vowed to stop this and all other legislation unless tax cuts are extended for all income levels. Source: Welch’s office. 12.2.2010last_img read more

NCAA Tournament 2019 bracket tips: Play the odds when picking Final Four, national champs

first_imgNCAA Tournament 2019 bracket tipsOdds to make the championship game by seed No. 1: 50.0 (34 of 68)No. 2: 17.7 (12 of 68)No. 3: 14.7 (10 of 68)No. 4: 4.4 (3 of 68)No. 5: 4.4 (3 of 68)No. 6: 2.9 (2 of 68)No. 7: 1.5 (1 of 68)No. 8: 4.4 (3 of 68)Bracket tip: Don’t pick a team lower than No. 8 to make the championship game. They might make the Final Four in rare instances, but 82.4 percent of the championship game participants – including all eight participants the last four years – were seeded No. 3 or higher.  Odds to make the Final Four by seedNo. 1: 41.2 (56 of 136)No. 2: 19.9 (27 of 136)No. 3: 12.5 (17 of 136)No. 4: 9.6 (13 of 136)No. 5: 4.4 (6 of 136)No. 6: 2.2 (3 of 136)No. 7: 2.2 (3 of 136)No. 8: 3.7 (5 of 136)No. 9: 0.7 (1 of 136)No. 10: 0.7 (1 of 136)No. 11: 2.9 (4 of 136)Bracket tip: No. 1 and No. 2 seeds have accounted for 61 percent of the Final Four appearances since 1984-85, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a chance on a lower seed. There has been one Final Four team seeded No. 7 or lower each of the last four years in Michigan State (No. 7, 2015), Syracuse (No. 10, 2016), South Carolina (No. 7, 2017) and Loyola-Chicago (No. 11, 2018).  Odds to make the Sweet 16 by seedNo. 1: 85.3 (116 out of 136)No. 8: 9.6 (13 out of 136)No. 9: 5.1 (7 out of 136)No. 16: 0 (0 out of 136)No. 2: 62.5 (85 out of 136)No. 7: 19.8 (27 out of 136)No. 10: 16.9 (23 out of 136)No. 15 0.7 (1 out of 136)No. 3: 51.4 (70 out of 136)No. 6: 30.9 (42 out of 136)No. 11: 16.2 (22 out of 136)No. 14: 1.5 (2 out of 136)No. 4: 47.1 (64 out of 136)No. 5: 33.8 (46 out of 136)No. 12: 14.7 (20 out of 136)No. 13: 4.4 (6 out of 136)Bracket tip: Last year was as wild a year as could be and half of the Sweet 16 was seeded No. 5 or lower. Still, half of the chalk – seeds No. 1-4 – reached the second weekend. It does not hurt to have 10 or more chalk picks in the Sweet 16 in your bracket given the percentages. SN’s MARCH MADNESS HQPredictor tool | Best bracket names | TicketsA No. 1 seed has won 21 of those 34 tournaments, including three of the last four with Duke (2015), North Carolina (2017) and Villanova (2018)  Of the 68 championship game participants, a total of 34 — or 50 percent — were No. 1 seeds There will be upsets for sure, but the safest bet to keep your bracket instact for the Final Four remains chalk.  Here’s a seeding breakdown of the participants in the Sweet 16, Final Four and championship game in the expanded bracket era. Print your NCAA Tournament bracket hereYou can get an updated, printable NCAA Tournament bracket here to fill out before the tournament begins. Sporting News will continue to update the bracket as games are played. Download a printable NCAA Tournament bracket (PDF) above. The 2019 NCAA Tournament bracket is out, and you can make winning your March Madness pool a 50-50 proposition with the right No. 1 seed.  Consider our point when it comes to top-seeded teams in the men’s college basketball tournament. Since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1984-85, there are two stats that matter when talking about the last 34 NCAA tournaments.  last_img read more