Americas Have Ample Presence at the Military World Games

first_imgBy Dialogo July 17, 2011 The Americas, with almost 1000 registered athletes competing at the 5th Military World Games (see list below), taking place in Rio de Janeiro until July 24. Even the smaller countries sent large delegations, such as the cases of Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname. The first brought 47 athletes, all male, with the latter bringing 46, including four women. Brazil’s other South American neighbors also brought a large contingent, like Colombia, for example, which brought 103 athletes. Corporal Pimienta Ernesto Ignacio, one of the Argentine athletes, will be competing in the naval pentathlon and is positive for a good result. “I trained eight hours a day, four in the morning and the rest in the evening, always focusing on all categories. Swimming was the event I trained for the most. So I have good expectations,” he said. In the Caribbean, the country that stands out is Trinidad and Tobago, with 47 athletes in the Games. The other countries in the region at the event are the Dominican Republic, Barbados and Jamaica. Haiti, which does not have a military officer, was also invited to participate with Pierre Evens in boxing. According to the organizers of the event, these are the countries and participants from Latin America and the Caribbean. The United States brought 101 athletes. Argentina. 81 athletes (63 men, 18 women) Barbados. 7 athletes (6 men, 1 woman) Brazil. 259 athletes (155 men, 104 women) Chile. 41 athletes (39 men, 2 women) Colombia. 103 athletes (79 men, 24 women) Ecuador. 66 athletes (59 men, 7 women) Jamaica. 11 athletes (11 men) Paraguay. 6 athletes (6 men) Peru. 24 athletes (20 men, 4 women) Dominicana Republic. 7 athletes (7 men) Suriname. 46 athletes (42 men, 4 women) Uruguay. 58 athletes (58 men) Trinidad and Tobago. 47 athletes (47 men) Venezuela. 93 athletes (58 men, 35 women)last_img read more