Nor’easter Finally Nears End

first_imgA picturesque but chilly scene on the Ocean City Boardwalk. By MADDY VITALEWhile the worst of a nor’easter that slammed the coastline with strong wind gusts and flooding may be over, Ocean City officials cautioned that residents should continue to keep up on the latest weather conditions.The storm effects will continue through Wednesday, officials said.“The two Monday high tides brought the highest water levels we have seen since October 2018,” Ocean City Public Information Officer Doug Bergen said Tuesday.On Tuesday, the tide reached 6.06 feet at 11:40 a.m.And it isn’t over.“The forecast calls for a water level of 5.9 feet at 12:07 a.m. Wednesday,” Bergen pointed out. “So even though the worst of the storm has passed, residents should continue to monitor conditions and be sure that vehicles are in a safe place before going to bed tonight.”A surfer made the most of a brisk, snowy day.On Monday, at least six vehicles were stranded in floodwaters. The strongest wind gusts were measured at 55 mph at the wind station at the 59th street parking lot. The sustained winds were 34 mph.Winds continued to be strong on Tuesday and there was flooding in some areas of town. Beaches also sustained erosion, but it is too soon to determine how much at this point, Bergen said.A few people ventured out to walk on the snow-dusted Boardwalk or take a chilly stroll on the beach. Traffic remained light as some snow fell. A lone surfer braved the cold to head into the chilly ocean. Some residents even made the most of the snowfall by making snowmen.The National Weather Service issued a coastal flood advisory in effect for Ocean City through 4 a.m. Wednesday. The advisory predicts water levels in the range of minor flooding.TJ’s Ice Cream on Battersea Road saw some of the white stuff.Bergen said that the island had moderate flooding on Monday.He noted that the gauge at the Bayside Center recorded peaks of 6.67 feet (mean low water) late Monday morning and 6.72 feet late Monday evening.“Those levels fall in the middle of the range for moderate flooding. At that level, cars left parked on low-lying streets suffer the worst of the storm damage,” Bergen explained.Bergen said that the strong northeast winds peaked late Monday morning and early afternoon.“They were the primary factor in driving water into the back bays. Coming about halfway between a full moon and new moon, the natural tides were relatively low, which helped to prevent further damage,” Bergen said.He continued, “Any time you get a nor’easter sustained over several days, the beach will suffer erosion. We’ll get a better look when the storm tides recede.”The snow in Ocean City is deep enough to make a snowman. (Photo courtesy of Lesley Swerline)last_img read more

Happy Thanksgiving from The Humans!

first_imgThe cast of ‘The Humans'(Photo: Julieta Cervantes) Star Files Reed Birney Thanksgiving is a day full of deliciousness…and the dysfunction that comes with gathering the whole family together. The cast of Stephen Karam’s Tony-winning, deeply moving play The Humans celebrates the holiday eight times a week. In honor of Turkey Day 2016, the company, including Arian Moayed, Sarah Steele, Tony winners Reed Birney and Jayne Houdyshell, Cassie Beck and Lauren Klein, recreated Norman Rockwell’s iconic painting, “Freedom from Want” (see below). Take a look at the portrait and above photo it inspired, and be sure to see The Humans at the Schoenfeld Theatre through January 15, 2017. Jayne Houdyshell Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 15, 2017 Related Shows View Comments The Humanslast_img read more

Life Happens for Mountain Junkies

first_imgChanging your perspective is both challenging and rejuvenating, as BRO Athlete Team runner Maria Bocanegra learns during the Mountain Junkies’ Explore Your Limits 5K.Goal setting can be a scary thing. The line between success and failure strives so hard to be black and white.  At the end of the day you either did, or you did not.  There are a lot of pretty and motivational sayings that implore us to focus on the journey or the process. There is immense value in this, and as a reflective individual I do find this effective and important. This type of focus is especially true with running since there are so many factors that go into any one race or training run. Some of these factors are easy to control, or at least they should be. For instance, last July 5th I ran a road 5K and suffered the consequences of one too many Parkway Get Bent IPAs during 4th of July festivities, and too few hours of sleep having traveled back from Costa Rica with two toddlers a mere 36 hours before the race. No, I couldn’t control the sweltering heat, but I could’ve controlled the head pounding and nausea. From what I could tell, I was not alone in this, though I doubt the top runners were suffering the same fate. I took the 4th place overall female, finished happily, quaffed some post race brews (it was a pub run), and chalked up my less-than-stellar time to the factors that I couldn’t control and also to the ones that I should have, but didn’t. The thing is, I went into that race with very few expectations besides having a fun date run with the husband.When I really focus and train, I have a harder time letting go of the end result in this way. As a competitive runner, when I have set goals, the journey or process can easily take a backseat to the outcome of the race, especially on race day. Suddenly, it is secondary, simply the thing that got me to the place I want to be. And if I don’t arrive across that finish line in the way I had planned, then it’s even harder for me to give the process and training its due respect.A high level of focus and training is renewed terrain for me at this point in my running career. My children are now (almost) 2 and 4, and my body finally feels back to normal in racing terms. I feel like my strength, speed, and possibility for a normal night’s sleep are at long last on the upswing  (hallelujah). I raced and ran through both of my pregnancies, but the year or so post partum, each time was a long, uphill struggle to get back to equal footing with my pre-baby running self.  I’ve been pumped about where I am with my post-baby fitness, and started the year off well with a 3rd place finish in a competitive trail 10K early in January. I love speed races, and after pouring over the past few years’ race results for the Mountain Junkies’ Explore Your Limits 5K (the next in the Mountain Junkies non-Ultra series), I set the goal of crushing that course and the competition. As a trail runner, I have the secret weapon of being a speedy 5K road racer, and a strong hill runner. 5Ks are few and far between in the trail running world, so this was my big chance to stand atop the tallest of the podium steps. It was also a strategic move since I assumed (correctly) that most of the other fast women in the field would be running the longer 10K. Muahahaha, victory would be mine without a doubt! Clearly I spent significant time and energy thinking about this goal and the hoped-for end result.And then…. life happened. I’ve noticed this more acutely as I’ve gotten older and had children. My husband has been traveling more for work, so my training has taken a hit as I’ve struggled to balance it with work and the kids (who will always be the top priority). Snow and ice buried my normal running routes (no gym and no treadmill), and even though I made it out 4-5 times per week, the miles were fewer and slower. Our youngest got the flu a couple days before the race, which meant little sleep for mommy and more stress. Then I felt the achiness of whatever virus he had working its way through my body the day before the race, though I tried to ignore it as best as possible. Fast forward to race day, and on top of all that, we are met with icy paths and 10 inches of crunchy snow on most of the course. The gun went off when temperatures were in the teens, and I tried to take off fast. I watched the young lady that would take first place pass me shortly after the start, and a part of me knew that I had lost the race already, in the first 400 meters. I was too cautious on the icy road that covered the first part of the race, and the effort required to race in those conditions (when my body was already screaming at me for dragging it out of bed into the cold to run when it was trying desperately to fend off the flu) was too much. Everyone struggled, and all the times were slow. I placed second, with the slowest 5K race time in my running history (undoubtedly true for most everyone on that course). Reading back over what I just wrote, a twinge of pride eases into my mind as I recount what I put myself through on this journey that is so familiar to those of us that hold dear the runner identity. But man, I’m not going to lie — it hurt to take that 2nd place trophy.I have found that goals, even unmet ones, can beget new goals. Simply saying those words proves that I am capable of the type of reflection that honors the process. Maybe, there is hope for me yet. A new goal for my next race is to not let the disappointment and challenges of this past race mentally defeat me. I’ll rest, spring will start showing it’s face, and I’ll run with guts next time.  Most importantly, I’ll try harder to appreciate life happening in all of its forms. I will keep setting goals, and I will be okay with feeling disappointed when things don’t go as planned.  It’s the only way we get better. And lest we forget the camaraderie that goes along with competition, my hat’s off to all of my fellow hardcore winter runners out there. You all make the process a lot more fun.– You can follow along Maria Bocanegra and the other B.R.O. Athlete Team members here.last_img read more

Outdoors Updates: Colorado man crashes his bike… into a bear

first_imgGreenland’s northern ice sheet is melting for the second time this year The heatwave that swept through Europe in July has made its way north to Greenland, turning the country’s massive ice sheet to slush. This is the second major melting of the ice sheet this year and leaves the country on track to tie or break the most water loss ever recorded, National Geographic reports.  Research shows eating a plant-based diet can ward off type 2 diabetes Colorado man crashes his bike… into a bear Egan wants other outdoors-people to know that they should always pay attention in bear-country. “Even people who understand bear behavior… you can see them during the day. I want to make sure people understand that.”  Tim Egan, of Boulder, CO, was out riding his bike in late June when he collided with a black bear. Egan was traveling 45 miles an hour when he struck the bear. The impact sent him flying from his bike onto the pavement where he suffered cracked ribs and cuts to his face. Egan told Backpacker Magazine that he’d never seen such a big black bear and that the bear seemed “upset” after the collision. “Just after the wreck, a buck wandered onto the road, and he looked at the deer and reared to stand up on his feet. He raised his arms up and the deer took off. Then he scampered away,” Egan said.  New research out of Harvard University has taken a look at the types of foods that are best for lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes. The study looked at a number of previous studies that included over 307,000 people and 23,500 cases of type 2 diabetes and found that those who consumed a largely plant-based diet including fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans and nuts, versus animal-based foods like chicken and fish, were 23 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.  This matters because global sea levels are rising, and Greenland’s ice alone could contribute a rise of 2 to 13 additional inches of water to the ocean by 2100. Scientists warn that, while melting on this scale is remarkable, it will soon become commonplace. Some models predict this kind of melting will occur every summer by the year 2050. The co-author of the study, Frank Qian, M.P.H., of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health department of nutrition, points out that most of the people at lower risk were not strict vegetarians, however. “Even those who had the highest adherence to a plant-based dietary pattern still consumed on average one to two servings of animal-based foods per day,” Qian pointed out.last_img read more

Lampard cautions Arsenal boss Arteta ahead of Super Sunday clash

first_img “Who’s to say a manager is better or worse if they are in their first or 50th year of management? I don’t buy it.” But Lampard does acknowledge that it is one thing for Arteta to have watched and helped Guardiola work, and quite another to be making all the decisions himself. Lampard said: “There’s a difference. He would have observed it more — now it’s his turn to make those decisions himself. But from the years he’s had there working with Guardiola, at a huge club who have been successful, I think that puts him in great stead. “I don’t think the question mark will be that. I think it will be purely on Arteta, the quality of him, and can he get Arsenal to the position they want to be in?” Lampard believes Arteta will need to draw heavily on the support of his backroom team, just as he does at Chelsea. The Blues boss said: “I wouldn’t say I thrive on having ultimate responsibility, it’s the job. I do it to try and be successful. “I’m not a control or power freak but if a decision needs to be made for the benefit of where we are at, that is my job — but I also think you have good people around you. “Arteta has put his staff together. He knows he’ll rely on them, I certainly rely on mine.” Lampard faced Arteta when they were both players. The Chelsea boss said: “He was a very good player, very intelligent player, very technical player. Juventus’ Lampard and Arteta faced off a number of times as players Read Also: Here’s how Chelsea could line up against Arsenal “He seemed to be a leader — not a fist-pumping kind of leader but a leader in whatever teams he was playing in. “So it looks like he could be well suited to management. “I understand the strains and the pressures of it, and the desires to want to do well in it, so on a personal level I wish him well.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 When asked about the honeymoon period not lasting long, Lampard said: “It doesn’t and it shouldn’t do. “But I’m sure the fans will have a feeling for Arteta and want him to do well as being one of their own from before. “I certainly found that it helps, knowing some faces behind the scenes, knowing the values of the club and what the standards are and what the wants are. “I think that can help, probably in the start-up, early stages. “After that it probably levels out and your work is your work.” Lampard went into the Chelsea job with just a year of managerial experience, in his case at Championship side Derby. The Arsenal job is Arteta’s first as a head coach after learning at the feet of serial winner Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. Lampard said: “Yeah, but he has worked under one of the greatest, if not the greatest, for a couple of years. “He was always an intelligent player, so I don’t buy the whole inexperienced one. “You don’t know until you take the chance with somebody. Frank Lampard has warned Mikel Arteta the honeymoon period soon ends — even for club legends. Former Arsenal player Arteta’s second game on his return to the club as head coach is Sunday’s London derby against Lampard’s Chelsea. And the Blues’ run of five defeats in their last seven Premier League games has given a little reality check to the euphoria surrounding the return of Stamford Bridge’s favourite son. Loading… Promoted ContentWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top8 Things You Didn’t Know About CoffeeSome Impressive And Almost Shocking Robots That Exist5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseAmazing Ceilings From All Around The WorldWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Insane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art8 Best 1980s High Tech Gadgetslast_img read more

No power outage in Antique during Christmas – NGCP

first_imgAnteco is the power distributor in theprovince. SAN JOSE, Antique – The National GridCorporation of the Philippines (NGCP) recently assured Antiqueños that therewill be no scheduled power interruption this Christmas season. “Households should make sure that theyhave detached their appliances from their electric sockets,” she said. “The NGCP line personnel and engineerswill be working 24/7 so there will be no scheduled power shutdown during theholiday,” Michelle Viscera, corporate communications officer of the NGCP, saidduring the Antique Media Christmas Party here last week. She added power in this province istransmitted by the NGCP from its line in Santa Barbara, Iloilo to San Jose deBuenavista where the Antique Electric Cooperative (Anteco) substation islocated. Viscera also reminded consumers to uselight-emitting diode Christmas lights to conserve power.  Michelle Viscera, corporate communications officer of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, says line personnel and engineers will make sure there will be no power shutdown this Christmas season. Annabel Consuelo J. Petinglay Anteco general manager Luduvico Lim,meanwhile, requested private landowners to cooperate in the cutting of trees toensure continuous power distribution to their households.  “As we could notice there is muchvegetation along the road that is also a reason why we have power interruptionsbecause of our line being affected by the fallen tree,” said Lim.(With a report from PNA/PN)last_img read more

4 nabbed for selling ‘overpriced’ alcohol

first_imgBACOLOD City – For allegedly sellingoverpriced alcohol, four persons were arrested in an entrapment operation inBarangay Villamonte. The suspects were brought to theCriminal Investigation and Detection Group field office. They were nabbed after they sold acontainer of ethyl alcohol for P3900 on March 29, a police report showed. Thesuggested retail price of the disinfectant per container according to theDepartment of Trade and Industry should cost P2,673. Police identified them as Mary GraceAlohipan, 43; Janice Fernandez, 48; George Chua, 55; and Ricardo Uy, 52. center_img In total, 49 containers of ethyl alcoholvalued at around P130,000 were seized from them. Charges for violation of Republic Act7581, or the Price Act will be filed against them./PNlast_img read more

Area Boys & Girls Basketball Scores (11-26)

first_imgArea Boys & Girls Basketball Scores.Saturday  (11-26)Boys Scores.Batesville  74     Jac-Cen-Del  46Greensburg  67     South Dearborn  40South Ripley  76     Rising Sun  50Oldenburg  56    South Decatur  37Clarksville  67     Switzerland County  63New Washington 64  Shawe Memorial 31Southwestern  69     Cannelton  24Indian Creek  83     Edinburgh  53Girls Scores.East Central  53     Franklin County  34New Washington  63     Milan  52North Decatur  66     Knightstown  48Rising Sun  53     Seton Catholic  22Greenwood Christian  57     Waldron  38Southwestern Hanover  65     Cannelton  25Southwestern Shelby  44     Trinity Lutheran  40Edinburgh  69     Medora  20last_img read more

Abraham benched as England put six past Bulgaria

first_imgRelatedPosts Solskjaer criticises England over handling of youngster Greenwood UEFA Nations League: Sterling saves 10-man England against Iceland Eberechi Eze pulls out of England squad Tammy Abraham was on the bench as England took a huge step towards qualifying for Euro 2020, courtesy of a 6-0 win over Bulgaria in Monday night’s Group A clash in Sofia.The Three Lions entered the match off the back of a 1-2 loss to the Czech Republic on Friday, but Gareth Southgate’s side responded in impressive fashion to collect an important three points – meaning that they are now just one victory away from guaranteeing their spot in next summer’s tournament.Events on the field were largely overshadowed by matters off it, though, with racist chanting throughout the 90 minutes threatening the abandonment of the qualification clash.After a slow start to proceedings, England took the lead in the seventh minute, and it was a special goal from Marcus Rashford, who worked his way into the Bulgarian box before picking out the back of the net with a stunning effort.The attacker has struggled to carry the goalscoring burden for Manchester United this season but showed plenty of confidence to make the breakthrough in Sofia after being found by Ross Barkley.Bulgaria almost responded four minutes later when Ivelin Popov fired a low strike towards the bottom corner, only for England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford to make a smart save down to his left.The Three Lions doubled their lead in the 20th minute, though, when a brilliant team move ended with Raheem Sterling driving a low cross into Barkley, who could not pass up the chance to score from close range.Southgate’s side never got to grips with the Czech Republic on Friday night, but the 2018 World Cup semi-finalists were extremely comfortable in Sofia as they continued to dominate the possession.There was a stoppage just before the 30-minute mark with Harry Kane coming together with the referee amid suggestions of chanting towards Sterling and Tyrone Mings, which led to an announcement inside the stadium as part of UEFA’s three-step protocol for dealing with racism at matches.Play resumed moments later, and the visitors scored their third of the night in the 32nd minute when Barkley headed a brilliant Kane cross into the back of the net from close range.Petar Zanev struck over Pickford’s crossbar late in the first period as Bulgaria looked for a route back into the match, before Rashford missed the target with a powerful attempt down the other end.Six minutes of additional time were signalled at the end of the first period with step two of UEFA’s protocol brought into action as there were more complaints of racist chanting inside the stadium.The first half ultimately ended with England leading 4-0 as Sterling tapped a low Kane cross into the back of the net to cap off another fine move, although matters off the field had overshadowed what was a very positive 45 minutes of football from Southgate’s side.Bulgaria goalkeeper Iliev Ivanov had to keep out a powerful strike from Kane early in the second half as England, who were the first team on the field after the break, looked to add a fifth.Bozhidar Kraev then missed the England goal from distance before Sterling fired just wide of the post down the other end during an open period of the Euro 2020 qualification clash.Sterling had another half-chance just before the hour after meeting a cross from Kieran Trippier, but the home side’s goalkeeper was on hand to make a smart save as the score remained 4-0 in Sofia.The same two players went head-to-head once again moments later and again it was a brilliant save from Ivanov as Bulgaria managed to keep the score down despite the immense pressure.Zanev then tested the reactions of Pickford with a rasping effort from distance, before Ivanov kept out a strike from Kane after the Tottenham Hotspur forward had been found by Rashford.England had their fifth in the 69th minute, though, when Sterling, having been released by Kane, expertly found the back of the net in a one-on-one situation.Jadon Sancho, Mason Mount and Callum Wilson all came off the bench in the period that followed, while Bulgaria also used all three of their substitutes as the pace of the match dropped.Kane had been denied by the post in the 83rd minute, but the Three Lions captain made it six in the final exchanges when he netted after more lacklustre defending from the hosts.As it transpired, the game was allowed to finish when at one point it looked likely to be abandoned, and while the result was excellent for England, it was another hugely unsettling evening due to events off the pitch.Tags: BulgariaEnglandTammy Abrahamlast_img read more

Djokovic fined $10,000 for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’

first_imgRelatedPosts Djokovic clinches fifth Italian Open title Djokovic zooms to 10th Italian Open final Live stream Premier League, La Liga, Serie A on Showmax Pro this weekend Novak Djokovic’s has been fined an additional $10,000 (£7,600) for “unsportsmanlike behaviour” following his dramatic disqualification from the US Open on Sunday night.Djokovic, who has already been stripped of his $250,000 (£190,000) in prize money for reaching the last-16, was given a further punishment by tournament organisers for his actions on court against Spaniard Pablo Carreno Busta. He could yet face a further fine for his decision to skip media duties following his default.The world No 1 was broken for 5-6 in the opening set and petulantly swiped a ball away that struck a female line judge, Laura Clark, in the throat.Djokovic pleaded his case for leniency to tournament officials but referee Soeren Friemel, who was summoned onto court inside the deserted Arthur Ashe Stadium by umpire Aurelie Tourte, told Djokovic, after plenty of debate, that there was no option but to disqualify him.After Djokovic left the Flushing Meadows facility and refused to take part in his press commitments, the United States Tennis Association released a statement on his default.“In accordance with the Grand Slam rulebook, following his actions of intentionally hitting a ball dangerously or recklessly within the court or hitting a ball with negligent disregard of the consequences, the US Open tournament referee defaulted Novak Djokovic from the 2020 US Open,” it began. “Because he was defaulted, Djokovic will lose all ranking points earned at the US Open and will be fined the prize money won at the tournament in addition to any or all fines levied with respect to the offending incident.”Djokovic eventually went on to address the matter himself with a statement on his social media.He wrote: “This whole situation has left me really sad and empty. I checked on the lines person and the tournament told me that thank God she is feeling ok.“I’m extremely sorry to have caused her such stress. So unintended. So wrong. I’m not disclosing her name to respect her privacy. As for the disqualification, I need to go back within and work on my disappointment and turn this all into a lesson for my growth and evolution as a player and human being.“I apologise to the US Open tournament and everyone associated for my behaviour. I’m very grateful to my team and family for being my rock support, and my fans for always being there with me. Thank you and I’m so sorry.” Tags: Disciplinary ActionFineNovak DjokovicUS Openlast_img read more