Over 19 million views Baranda trailer is most watched in 17

first_imgBaranda, the famous novel written by Moti Nandi, is a free space in dark, damp life; where a few rays of light are found beyond closed doors. A little free air, though filled with urban odor, is felt there. People can watch smiling faces of the neighbours with whom they can talk. This helps them to breathe afresh. A balcony never sleeps overnight. It gazes at the future with an endless wait. So, where else can one stand more hopefully to wait for love, pleasure, and feelings? The balcony is the eternal symbol of ‘wait’ to those who lost everything, even themselves. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMoti Nandi’s Baranda is a story of such people who wait throughout in the Balcony of Life, losing everything they possess. Runu is the daughter of a poor nurse who used to earn money in her spare time, through prostitution. Runu’s unemployed father waited outside while his wife remained engaged with her customers. Mohan, a worker of a Motor Company, was her “Permanent Customer”. Initially, Girijapati Biswas, Mohan’s colleague, went to Runu’s house, with Mohan as her mother’s customer . Runu was a teenager at that time. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveCircumstances changed for both of them as Girija lost one of his legs from an accident and Runu lost her mother. These two fellows bound themselves in a typical relation in the course of time. They did not have an idea if it was love, or something else. Still, they passed long fifteen years together in Girija’s house without getting married. Mohan became jealous as Girija got Runu, and he had nothing to do.In the span of fifteen years, both Girija and Runu realized that they could not do more than sharing their joy and pain while sitting together in Girija’s balcony. They had no physical relation between them, though both of them felt a great need of the same. Suddenly, the taste of life became little pleasant to Runu when Ambar, a footballer, evidently Girija’s brother, came to stay as a paying guest at Girija’s house. After a long time, Runu got a complete man beside her. She wanted to give all she had to Ambar, but the existence of Girija at ‘balcony’ prohibited her mind to dedicate herself to this newcomer. Girija realized everything. He wanted to release Runu from these barriers so that she could enjoy life. He knew that Runu could never be happy with an incomplete man like him. In such a critical time, another incomplete person came into Girija’s life. She was Buli, the one-eyed, ugly girlfriend of Mohan. Buli was a teenaged poor, helpless girl, as Runu used to be when Girija met her. Mohan used to treat Buli as his Kept. Girija felt for Buli as he also dreamt to be a complete person, making intimate relation with Buli, another incomplete girl. Buli responded equally. But, one day, they were caught, red-handed, by Mohan, who could not bear this betrayal. He attacked Girija, but this time, despite being a handicap, Girija gained enough courage to murder Mohan. He released Buli from Mohan’s aggression and went to jail. Towards the end, he also released Runu but Runu did not get the much-required relief. The balcony, which was the waiting place of Girija since long, now sheltered Runu. She stared at the way of Girija’s departure and started her days of waiting.last_img

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