The Kids Video Games Are All Right at NYU Game Center Student

first_imgStay on target A great way to keep yourself excited about the future of video games as a medium is remind yourself it can be an actually vibrant cultural art form, not just an endless deluge of bland big-budgeted products. And here in New York at least you can do that by going to any of the hip smaller indie game showcases that happen frequently throughout the year.I went to one such event recently, the 2018 NYU Game Center Student Showcase. And it was especially inspiring because these games aren’t faceless publishers’ next attempt to grab as much cash as possible. These are academic thesis capstone projects by Master of Fine Arts students demonstrating their newfound knowledge of the craft of game design. Even when the small individual experiments don’t always work, as a whole they are fresh and pure and forward-looking. Here a handful of the coolest games I played at the 2018 NYU Game Center Student Showcase.AdChoices广告Garden GamesNo this isn’t some new Plants vs. Zombies spin-off. Garden Games is a collection of vegetable-based minigames that revolve around playing with different wacky plush wearable accessories. Hold a giant pea pod in front of you and squeeze peas into a bucket. Strap on a carrot head with a radish partner and move up in down to get the right ratio of juice. Cover yourself in as many onion layers as possible and take the most stylish, tearful selfie.Flight SimulatorA joke that wonderfully triples down on its own premise, Flight Simulator doesn’t simulate the act of flying a plane. It simulates the act of being a passenger on a plane. Read in-flight magazines. Check the status of your flight to Iceland. Marvel at how you’ve got the whole row to yourself. Open the window with satisfying smoothness. Given that this first-person, rooted in one location, and all about funny but realistic object interactions, you’d think this be in VR. But sadly this demo was not.Rhythm of SunyaRhythm is a great gaming anchor for taking players on more psychedelic trips. And Rhythm of Sunya by Qiu Sun uses its basic one-button rhythm gameplay to connect players with fleshy and abstract yet weirdly warm and pleasing warping monochrome pencil visuals. It’s like an old MTV commercial or an arthouse version of Rhythm Heaven.Monster LoverSome people like to joke about dating sims but the jokes on them because the genre allows for some of the sharpest, most progressive, and funniest game writing out there. In Monster Lover you control a witch attempting to court hellish suitors. Summon them with the right objects, take them out to a nice dinner, and… stimulate the right body parts to end the night on a perfect note. The smoky black and white art really helps sell the spooky yet romantic mood.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech Suits last_img

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