5 Game Enhancements PS4 Pro Enables

first_img During September’s PlayStation Meeting, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 Pro. The event focused on the enhancements PS4 Pro would have over the current PlayStation 4. This includes High Dynamic Range support, checkerboard 4K scaling, and more stable frame rates. Even those who play on standard 1080p televisions will notice these improvements. While it was admittedly difficult to see these enhancements from a live stream, it was simple to understand the power of the PlayStation 4 Pro.Out of all the games shown, the highlight was Horizon: Zero Dawn. More than any title at the event, Horizon nicely demonstrated how the PS4 Pro’s more robust horsepower will benefit PS4 games going forward. During the event, we got to see how the game looked with and without HDR and all of the other enhancements. While the title still looks impressive running on a stock PS4, it looks significantly better on a PS4 Pro.These enhancements will be something most upcoming titles can benefit from if developers choose to enable them. Below are five ways the PS4 Pro will make games better for PlayStation users.Looks great even on 1080pThough the PS4 Pro’s enhancements will be more noticeable on 4K HDR-enabled televisions, those with 1080p TVs won’t be left out of the party. Thanks to supersampling, players will get a more stable image with “virtually no jaggies.” This is possible because the game is internally rendered at a high resolution before it is shrunken down to 1080p. Some detail is lost, but users will still get vastly improved graphics.Higher detailed texturesA game like Horizon with its lush, vast environments will benefit from higher quality shadow maps and anisotropic filtering. These techniques will increase the quality of textures overall. Everything from rocks, trees, villages, people, and of course, robot dinosaurs will look real enough to touch. For Horizon specifically, the team is still working on how to tweak all of this for 1080p output, but on 4K TVs, users will easily see the richer texture quality in the game.Checkerboard renderingWith some exceptions, most titles on PS4 will not run at native 4K. However, instead of simply upscaling games, the PS4 Pro will use a special technique called checkerboard rendering to enhance visual fidelity. This will produce images that are nearly indistinguishable from true 4K. The technique itself is pretty involved, but what’s important is that checkerboard rendering will make all games on PS4 Pro look fantastic.HDRHigh Dynamic Range is something that is relatively new to gaming and 4K TVs. HDR enhances the range of colors that can be displayed on a screen, giving games a richer look. With normal rendering techniques, a lot of color fidelity is lost when converting images for normal TVs. With an HDR capable television, none of that data is lost. This is something that even owners of regular PS4s can benefit from, provided they play games on a 4K HDR television.Stable frame ratesSome games on PS4 Pro will benefit from having more stable, or higher frame rates. This isn’t something that is as widely publicized, but it is worth noting. One example is Rise of the Tomb Raider which will give players the option to play with an unlocked frame rate that will go up to 45 frames per second (provided they play at 1080p). Even though the vast majority of games won’t get higher frame rates, most will have a stable 30 frames per second at 4K resolution.The PlayStation 4 Pro will be released on November 11. Stay on target Best TV For PS4 ProNYCC 2018: Devil May Cry 5 is a Hell of a Good Time last_img

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