Eternal Darkness to get crowdfunded sequel Shadow of the Eternals

first_imgReleased back in 2002, those of you that owned a GameCube and actually left it plugged in might remember Silicon Knights’ Eternal Darkness, that token “mature” game found on a Nintendo console. The game was met with near-universal praise in North America, but barely sold in Japan. Now, over a decade later, the people behind Eternal Darkness have announced they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel, dubbed Shadow of the Eternals.For the uninitiated, Eternal Darkness was something of a unique game. Though the core gameplay boiled down to a regular survival-action horror — similar to Resident Evil or Onimusha — the narrative style and a specific game mechanic set it apart. The story was told through the use of various characters spread across time that you controlled — from a Roman gladiator to a modern-day soldier — all related in some mysterious way. The unique game mechanic involved the characters’ levels of sanity. If you confronted too many scary things and didn’t overcome them, your sanity meter dropped, causing you to become more insane. If you lose your sanity, the game — visually and audibly — grows stranger and more dangerous. Recently, survival-em-up Don’t Starve employed a similar mechanic.There are virtually no details on the sequel other than what’s shown in the above trailer, and that it’s a spiritual sequel to Eternal Darkness. Nintendo owns the rights to Eternal Darkness, which is why this new game is a spiritual successor. Nintendo also owns the patent for the original game’s vaunted sanity system, but as games like the aforementioned Don’t Starve have shown, you can have a similar and effective system without stepping on anyone’s toes.It seems Silicon Knights proper isn’t involved in the project, but a new studio — Precursor Games — founded by some of the original members that created Eternal Darkness, will be heading the project. So, at least the spiritual successor is in good hands.Shadow of the Eternals will launch crowdfunding on May 6, and you can check out more information about the game here when it launches.last_img

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