These are the 25 most common Xbox Live achievements

first_imgRounding out our trip through Xbox data, it’s time to prowl through the list of the 25 most common Xbox Live achievements. These are the most popular achievement earned on the Xbox 360 in a relative sense — basically, the number of unlocks versus number of people that played each game.This data comes courtesy of the folks over at Giant Bomb and their massive list of users with linked Xbox Live accounts. That means the data is representative of the complete Xbox 360 achievement list, but it’s not based on the full data set. Maybe one day Microsoft will open up the books, but this is the best we have for now.The most popular Xbox Live achievements, in order:ilomilo — the student — Complete the tutorial — unlocks: 525Glow Artisan — Color Theory 101 — Complete the Tutorial — unlocks: 192Zuma’s Revenge! — Spiritual Awakening — Discover the Spirit Monkey — unlocks: 187COLLAPSE! —Fast Sweep — Remove blocks 5 times within 4 seconds. — unlocks: 183COLLAPSE! — Rainbow Sweep — Remove blocks of every color currently in the game in rapid succession. — unlocks: 183Parachute Panic — Promotion — Beat your own best score. — unlocks: 170Parachute Panic — Pioneer — First parachutist landed safely. — unlocks: 170Forza Horizon — Welcome to Horizon — Arrive at the Horizon Festival. — unlocks: 712Fable Coin Golf — Ace! — Complete a level with a Hole-in-One — unlocks: 265Flight Control — Fundamentals — Land a cumulative total of 10 planes. — unlocks: 247geoDefense Swarm — Easy Start — Beat any Easy Level — unlocks: 123Flowerz — First Bloom — Complete the first level in a game of Flowerz. — unlocks: 974Doodle God — Good Start — Create 6 elements — unlocks: 357The Harvest — Survivor — No prison can hold you. — unlocks: 226UNO — Skip Card — Make your opponent skipped for the 1st time — unlocks: 109geoDefense — Easy Start — Beat any of the easy levels — unlocks: 319Forza Horizon — …and across the line! — Finish your first race in Single Player. — unlocks: 710Revolution — Beginners Luck — Complete all tutorial levels (1 to 5). — unlocks: 101NeverDead — De-Cyphered — Take a trip down memory lane. — unlocks: 301Megamind — Assistant Collector — Collect 1000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind — unlocks: 195Megamind — Museum Master — Complete “The Museum” Level as Megamind — unlocks: 195Megamind — Collector Collect — 2000 B.I.N.K.E.Y. in any single level as Megamind — unlocks: 195Mark of the Ninja — Hisomu’s Heir — Kill one guard. — unlocks: 2789Glow Artisan — A First Time for Everything — Earn the first Trophy Piece in Apprentice difficulty. — unlocks: 191Butterfly — Basket Full Of Poppies — Make more than 200 poppies bloom. — unlocks: 95 The most striking thing about this list is that it’s absolutely dominated by Windows Phone games. In the entire top 25, only five titles are from Microsoft’s popular Xbox 360 console. All of the rest are from the company’s far less popular phone OS. One likely contributing factor to this phenomenon is that the Windows Phone App+Game store isn’t as dense as its Android/iOS counterparts, so Windows Phone users likely don’t have as many games to choose from. With the exception of Flowerz, most of the Windows Phone achievements have only a few hundred unlocks; so what makes them common is that total number of players is also quite small.The Xbox 360 games on the list are Zuma’s Revenge!, Forza Horizon, NeverDead, Megamind (a tie-in to the animated feature film), and Mark of the Ninja. Although Forza is the most recognizable name in that group, the recently-released, entirely-awesome Mark of the Ninja manages to quietly sneak in and take the award for most unlocks with 2,789. Clearly the buzz around this downloadable stealth title has gotten a lot of users to give it a spin — at least long enough to take down a single guard.Perhaps the most curious entry in the top 25 is Fable Coin Golf, a Windows Phone 7 exclusive game that generates gold in Fable III. So how did a trophy from the tie-in game land in the top 25, while Fable III did not? The most likely answer is that the Fable Coin Golf players were split between the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Fable III. and the rarest PlayStation trophiesThanks to Giant Bomb for helping us with the data!last_img

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