Mini Darth Vader appears in Super Bowl VW advert

first_imgFor those fans excited about the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday you will be in for another treat, well it’s a treat if you like Star Wars.VW will be promoting their latest car during this year’s Super Bowl, and while this does not sound that exciting, the ad depicts a small dinky Darth Vader (ok, it’s a kid in a Darth costume), who is desperately trying to use the Force to control all manner of objects in his house. After all of his early attempts fail, it’s only at the end that his powers prevail.It’s here that you see the VW connection and this part certainly gave me a laugh. On a serious note the advert does use high-end production values, what with the “Imperial March” music and a clever twist implemented at the end.But judge for yourself as Deutch LA (the company behind the ad) have uploaded it to YouTube:Read more at CNet.comlast_img

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