RIM posts video putting iPad and PlayBook headtohead

first_imgRIM has taken the gloves off to show the performance of the yet to be released BlackBerry PlayBook. The PlayBook, which was announced in September of this year, is RIM’s entry into the tablet market space. The PlayBook’s specs include:7″ widescreen display1GHz dual core processorFlash 10.1 out the box with hardware accelerationSupport for HTML 5 and OpenGL so this is a tablet for gamingAdobe AIR supportA mere 9.7mm thickSetup for mutlitasking, music, multimedia playback, and as a business device1080p video capableHD camera on front and backUSB and HDMI portsHDMI allows for dual displaysSecure pairing of devices through BluetoothOf course, RIM’s number one target to put the PlayBook up against is Apple’s iPad. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that the iPad has grabbed 95% of the tablet market share. Naturally, this makes it a huge target for RIM to go after. So, what better way to go after the iPad than with a head-to-head video:AdChoices广告Since the time that RIM announced the PlayBook the biggest selling point of the tablet has been its web browsing speed. That’s exactly what this video puts to the test. Of course, the PlayBook comes out ahead in the video every time. Also demonstrated is the PlayBook’s ability to quickly render Javascript and HTML5 scrtips as well as its support of Adobe Flash. We all knew Flash isn’t supported on the iPad so that wasn’t anything knew, but the difference between the two devices when it came to the animation test near the end of the video doesn’t put the iPad in a good light.While some people commenting on the video claim that RIM could be doing something as fraudulent as placing the two devices on separate networks, it seems the reason that the PlayBook has the edge is obvious. The PlayBook utilizes a dual-core processor compared to the iPad’s single-core. That differentiator will surely be addressed by the iPad’s sequel, though the PlayBook will still have an edge thanks to its Adobe Flash support. Of course, Apple won’t see it that way since they see Flash support more of an hindrance based on comments made by Steve Jobs.Read more at RIM and YouTubelast_img

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