Resident loses over 16000 in vehicle scam

A Norfolk County resident has lost over $16,000 after transferring money to someone they believed was selling them a vehicle.Police were contacted Friday by a resident reporting a fraud.Norfolk OPP say the resident located an advertisement for the vehicle online. Communication with the seller was established and a price was negotiated.The victim then transferred over $16,000 to the seller, expecting the vehicle to arrive a few days later. The vehicle did not arrive and no further contact was made on behalf of the seller.OPP are warning Norfolk County residents to be safe when shopping online, and to make sure the seller actually has the product before handing over any money.“The OPP Norfolk County detachment continues to receive reports from residents stating they have been or attempted to be defrauded,” said Inspector Joseph Varga. “Don’t be a victim. Fraud is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that will only stop when the scammers stop getting money, banking information or personal information,”

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