Second Moroccan Woman Summits Everest in Less Than Two Days

Rabat –  A Moroccan woman, Ghizlane Aakar, has waved the Moroccan flag from the summit of the highest mountain in the world, making herself the second Moroccan and North African woman to climb Mount Everest in less than two days.One day after the Moroccan female mountaineer, Bouchra Baibanou, summited Mount Everest, another Moroccan woman, Ghizlane Aakar announced on Facebook her success after three previous attempts.“The Moroccan flag has yet again flapped on the top of the highest summit on May 22 at around 3:45 PM,” said the Moroccan mountaineer. She explained that the climb was hard both physically and emotionally, and that she was “so happy that it’s done.” This is not the first time Aakar has attempted to reach Everest’s summit. She made her first try in 2014 but she broke her leg when she was halfway through. In 2015, Ghizlane Aakar was climbing the mountain for the second time when Nepal had its deadliest earthquake, which left nearly 9,000 dead. Bouchra was unharmed but had to put an end to her attempt.Aakar decided to try again in 2016 but the altitude pressure affected the blood vessels in her eyes, forcing her to stop. Her determination however did not fade, and her tremendous efforts were crowned with success on May 22.Bouchra Baibamou, the 46 year-old Moroccan mountaineer who climbed the same mountain on May 21 said in an interview with Outdoor Women Alliance right her achievement broke:“People [in Morocco] accept women doing adventure sports. It wasn’t like before. Women can do everything now. I feel lucky to be a Moroccan woman.”

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