Moroccan and Spanish Officials Meet to Implement New Family and Women…

By Julia CabreraRabat – A Moroccan delegation of Human Rights Council members from Azghenghan traveled to Roquetas de Mar, Spain to learn about women and family training projects that could be implemented in Morocco.Segangan City Councilor and President of the Noumidia Association for Family and Children, Bouchra El Khalfioui, and the President of Morocco’s National Federation of Amazigh Associations, Mohamed El Hammouchi, met with Ortega to discuss Roquetas de Mar’s long standing programs like the “Municipal Information Center for Women” (CMIM), which was established in 1995 and has since then offered women information, training and psychological care, as well as intervention in civil, criminal, and labor law cases. Ortega and other Municipal technicians also explained the function of the Socrates Parent Program for parent education and other programs developed by the provinces Social Services for Comprehensive care for families during the meeting. “The Moroccan representatives wanted to know in depth the thematic and methodology of the programs, as well as the results obtained since they were launched, since they consider that Roquetas de Mar is a reference in the attention and training of women and families, [given] the long experience that the municipality has,” Ortega told Spanish news outlet La Voz.Both parties spoke of the possibilities of a transnational program that would allow Azghenghan and Roquetas de Mar to exchange their experience and expertise. Ortega explained that, in such a program, “Moroccan technicians will visit Roquetas to be trained as future drivers of the various programs, and our experience and background can support the implementation of projects on family and women in our neighboring country.”

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