Omar Mateen’s Alleged Lover Says Attack Was Revenge for HIV

New York – A man who goes by the name Miguel and claims he had sexual relationship with Omar Meteen, perpetrator of the Orlando mass shooting, said the gunman acted out of revenge against Puerto Ricans.The man, who spoke to Univision, said he had sexual relationships with Omar for two months. In 12-minute-long interview, Omar’s alleged gay lover said the mass shooter went made after he learned that the man with whom he had a sexual relationship was HIV-positive.“He hates gay Puerto Ricans for all the stuff [the HIV-positive man] did to him,” Miguel said. “I believe this crazy, horrible thing he did was for revenge. “This sounds bad and I lot of people to get a lot of pain for what I am to say, but this crazy horrible thing it was revenge. It was not terrorism, he said.Miguel went to add that he spoke on several occasions with Omar about religion and heard good things about Islam.“He said the Muslim religion is a beautiful, beautiful religion, where everything is about love.”Miguel added that he met the first time with Omar in lounge called  the“parliament”, adding that on their second encounter they went to a hotel called the Ambassador, in west Orlando.“We went to the hotel between at least 15 and 20 times, and we slept 20 nights together in the same room,” he told the journalist.Miguel added that there are several security videos from the hotel where they used to spend their time together that can corroborate his claims.

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