Morocco Foils Attempt of 360 Sub-Saharan Immigrant to Enter Ceuta

Rabat – A group of 360 sub-Saharan immigrants have been detained by the Moroccan police after a failed attempt to enter Ceuta Wednesday morning, according to local authorities, as reported by MAP agency and the Spanish 20minutos news site.The attempt to cross the Ceuta border took place by the Beliunech zone in the north of the city, a route less common for emigrants, said the source, according to 20minutos. Four hundred immigrants of various Sub-Saharan countries, of which the majority was arrested, directed the attempt.20minutos also reports this is the biggest attempt at the Ceuta border in a long time, after migration tensions have considerably reduced over Ceuta as well as Melilla and moved to the Libyan coasts. Surrounding the two  Spanish enclaves in Northern Morocco, a notable number of Subsaharans camp out to await the proper moment to jump the border or introduce themselves in other ways to the Spanish territory, according to 20 minutos.Ceuta and Melilla are two Spanish enclaves in northern Morocco. Spanish sovereignty over the two tiny cities is disputed by Morocco.The two enclaves have for long been a bone of contention between Morocco and Spain. The two cities main’s economic activity is contraband with other Moroccan cities.

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