The Hustler’s Playbook: Don’t Complain. Do Something.

first_imgHustlers don’t stand around the water cooler and commiserate with the cynics, the critics, the burnouts, the has-beens, and the never-weres. They don’t complain about their manager, the compensation structure, their clients, or their co-workers. Hustler’s don’t complain about the political party in power or the economy, even though they may have strong feelings about these issues.Hustlers know that commiserating doesn’t change anything. They know that complaining about their work-life doesn’t in any way improve it, nor does complaining about politics or the overall economy.There is nothing to be gained by complaining. The way to make something better is through taking action.Instead of complaining about what’s wrong at work, hustlers find a way to create massive value, gain influence, and change what they need to change for themselves. If things are really bad where they are and they can’t do what they need to do to make a difference, they move on and find a new home where things are better. They don’t wallow in their sorrow, helpless and disempowered.Instead of complaining about the economy, hustlers make their own economy. They find opportunities to create value instead of griping, knowing that this is the only way to improve how they’re doing. When they’ve got the chops, they make their own game and set up their own shop.Hustlers aren’t easily satisfied with the way things they are. In fact, they are mostly dissatisfied with how things are and they see how things can be made better. But they don’t complain. They do.QuestionsAre you ever guilty of complaining when you should be acting?How does complaining disempower you?When something isn’t working, how do you help make things better? How do you sell your ideas?last_img

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