first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Mayor Waronek has: Protected Lomita by voting against reckless high-density developments. Promoted the forming of a General Planning Advisory Committee that developed guidelines and values, preventing misuse of our land and infrastructure. Brought back community pride with Founder’s Day, tree-lighting ceremonies and the best fireworks show in the South Bay. Understood the needs of our community by listening. Making himself available to all, he is able to better represent us, because he knows us. Waronek for council As a resident of Lomita, I feel a sense of community pride. We have a distinct advantage over our neighboring cities due to the scale in which we live. The people here are real, passionate and care about their city, but most of all they are friendly. This has been true up until the last couple of months. Something awful has spread through our community, something that we the people of Lomita are not used to. That something is dirty campaigning! It is shameful to see such a display of deceit. And to make things worse, your paper has given credence and looks to sensationalize a couple of misguided people who have been led astray by personal agenda. We are passionate, caring and friendly, but we are also very smart. We are able to discern the difference between candidates who are civil servants dedicated to protecting and providing a better quality of life, and politicians whose campaign platforms have been centered on spreading malicious lies and unfounded attacks to the end of their own gain. Truth matters to us. That is also why we are not swayed by political wrangling and inaccurate one-sided stories that you feel make good print. The truth of the matter is, Mark Waronek has been a true servant of the people. The facts speak for themselves: Been visionary. He is highly motivated and wants to promote Lomita and establish goals for the future and has restored strong, respectful leadership to the council. So, print what you will, give forum to the disingenuous, it matters not to us. We know that Mark Waronek is a great asset, a proven friend of Lomita, and on Tuesday our opinion is the only one that will matter. – JOE CINQUINA Lomita As a concerned citizen in Lomita, I have attended almost every City Council and Planning Commission meeting for a number of years. Over this same period, I have spoken about economic development and land use before these Lomita city meetings more often than any other citizen in town. I had the good fortune of meeting Mark Waronek when he was a Lomita planning commissioner. Since then, I have continued to interact with Waronek in his positions as a City Council member and mayor. In all the occasions I have testified before the Planning Commission and City Council, Waronek has always treated me with respect and listened attentively to my views. Even when a speakers’ views are different than his, they will be treated in a respectful manner by Mayor Waronek. Waronek has a proactive approach to his work with the City Council. Under his watch, much has been done to improve the quality of life in Lomita. He voted for additional sheriff’s deputies and other resources to keep Lomita safe. Our streets are now being repaired and plans are in place to handle the improvements needed for our aging infrastructure. During this same time Waronek has been instrumental in obtaining funds owed Lomita by Caltrans and also a grant for the expansion of our Railroad Museum. We now honor Lomita’s best teachers annually with the Golden Apple Awards, a program Waronek started. He also brought “Shakespeare by the Sea” to Lomita. These are just a few examples of how his hard work and dedication have helped our schools, library, park and all the citizens of our city in countless ways. Waronek is a hard-working family man who brings out the best in our city. It is the personal efforts of good people like him that help Lomita remain the “friendly city.” Your vote for Mark Waronek for City Council will ensure that our citizens are treated with respect and that our city will continue to improve. – GEORGE KIVETT Lomita Choices for Torrance There is an important election Tuesday in Torrance. The Torrance school board is the only issue on the Torrance ballot this year. As a parent and homeowner in Torrance, I am extremely concerned that people will not go out and vote. I urge our voters to do their homework, find out about the candidates and then vote. There is a direct correlation between the value of your home and the quality of our Torrance school system. I am voting for Terry Ragins. She has dedicated endless hours of her time to ensuring our children get the best possible education. As a PTA president, she displayed leadership and the ability to incorporate the suggestions of others when making difficult decisions. As a member of the school board, she sought fiscal responsibility from the district staff and has worked tirelessly to provide improved school facilities. I have worked as a volunteer with Ragins over the years. She is a dedicated public official with a big heart. Our school district currently faces challenges on a few different fronts. It will suit the residents of Torrance well to have Ragins’ steady hands on the wheel as we all work together and provide our students with the best educational experience possible and give our great teachers the tools they need to assist our children achieve. This is an important election. Please vote. – ADELE KAPLAN Torrance I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Terry Ragins for re-election to the Torrance Unified School District Board of Education. I speak as a longtime Torrance resident who has been very actively involved in the education of my three daughters in Torrance elementary, middle and high schools. I have been actively involved in PTA at Adams Elementary and Torrance High School, and I am currently the president of the J.H. Hull PTSA. As such, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Ragins over the last several years. Her dedication to the students of Torrance is outstanding, as is her competency and knowledge of the complex issues facing our schools. Ragins’ opponent, Rick Marshall, by contrast, is directly responsible for the recent closure and relocation of J.H. Hull Middle School due to his ceaseless opposition to past bond measures and his frivolous lawsuit against the district. His lack of support for our schools is further shown by his earlier support of school vouchers, which divert money away from public schools, and his keeping his own children out of Torrance public schools. Ragins has done a great job for our students and our schools. She has also worked to improve the fiscal stability of our district and to improve school facilities. As such, she is clearly the best choice for continuing this work and expanding the gains of the last several years. If you care about the future of our children and our city, please vote on Tuesday to re-elect Terry Ragins. – NICKI GERDES Torrance I disagree with your recommendations for the Torrance school board (Our Views, Oct. 28). The two main issues in the 2005 school board election were one, a school bond and, two, what to do about Hull Middle School. Two years later we have the same issues. In the interim, the state restored the funding it cut and the school board found plenty to spend it on, just not Hull Middle School or maintenance of the other schools. In 2006 and 2007 we saw: A 6.5 percent increase for teachers, management, supervisors and classified employees – 170 or more employees reclassified up in salary, costing approximately $500,000. Approval of several new positions such as public information officer starting at $5,708 per month. The Personnel Commission budget expanded to $406,000 for 2007-2008. The Personnel Commission director’s salary increased 11 percent to $99,000 in 2007-2008. An estimated accrued but unfunded workers’ comp liability of $6.5 million remains. We need board members who don’t go on spending sprees while letting our schools go down the drain. We need board members who don’t rely on school bonds to fix the schools, but set aside some of the budget they already have for this purpose. We need less “experience” and more accountability. That is why I support Irmi Lake and Rick Marshall for school board. They will question, investigate and decide matters based on what is best for the students, not the ever-growing bureaucracy. Join me in voting for them. – RACHELLE TOTI Torrance I am writing to urge residents in Torrance to vote for Torrance school board member Terry Ragins and former Torrance City Councilman Don Lee on Tuesday. Both will continue the tradition of keeping the Torrance Unified School District among the best in California. Ragins’ performance on the school board has been excellent. Approximately four years ago, TUSD was in dire financial straits and on the verge of bankruptcy. Now, with the help of Ragins’ leadership, TUSD has regained a positive financial status and its general fund reserve has been restored. Standardized test scores are excellent and have improved each of the last four years. TUSD now ranks in the top 20 percent of all school districts statewide. As a former Torrance councilman, Lee has shown leadership, accountability and vision in helping to steer Torrance during his time on the council. He consistently fought for and voted for balanced budgets while on the City Council. After leaving the council, Lee continued to engage in community service and did a fantastic job as a former president of the Torrance Chamber of Commerce. Both Ragins and Lee have the experience and proven record to lead the TUSD. Torrance schools will be in good hands with Terry Ragins and Don Lee at the helm. – TED W. LIEU Assemblyman, 53rd District Torrance I urge all Torrance voters who are concerned about the school district to vote for Terry Ragins on Tuesday. Ragins has dedicated endless hours of her time and worked tirelessly to ensure that our children get the best possible education. Our school district currently faces challenges on a few different fronts. She worked with me during the June 2006 school bond effort and showed enthusiasm and passion for the work necessary to provide our students with improved school facilities. As a member of the TUSD school board the past four years, she has sought fiscal responsibility from the district staff and has provided leadership to help make the difficult decisions necessary to get us through a true financial crisis. Her knowledge of education and governance issues shows that she is prepared to deal with whatever future challenges come along. Residents of Torrance are well-served by Ragins. Her steady hands on the wheel will guide us as we our work together to provide our students with the best educational experience possible and to give our great teachers the tools they need to help our children learn and achieve. Vote to re-elect Terry Ragins on Tuesday. – BETH WILSON Torrance Editor’s note: Beth Wilson is a former Torrance school board member. De la Rosa for PV board Please join me in voting for Dora de la Rosa on Tuesday for Palos Verdes Peninsula school board. De la Rosa is responsible for bringing into our school district millions of dollars. As chairwoman of the Measure K campaign, she brought in $72million including state matching funds. Measure P, again under her chairmanship, brought in $15 million in local funds. As a member of the board, she advocated finishing the projects needed for our schools and students and voted to place Measures R and S on the ballot. Indeed, her active encouragement of support for passage of these critical measures resulted in state matching funds again coming into our district. This past spring, recognizing the need for further financial support for programs and the need to attract and retain highly qualified teachers, she again supported a local measure that renewed our parcel tax. In addition, as a Peninsula Education Foundation trustee, de la Rosa served for two years during which more than $2 million was raised. Her efforts and ability to oversee the influx of millions of dollars and now to have been instrumental in oversight and sound decision-making in the expenditure of those monies have truly earned her my vote. I consider this community fortunate to have someone of de la Rosa’s ability, foresight and business sense willing to volunteer for a position as a member of the board for four more years. Vote for Dora de la Rosa on Tuesday. – SUE TOZAKI Rancho Palos Verdes Tucker for HB council Every two years the same people who delight in lowering the debate in Hermosa Beach elections use the same tiresome tactic of mudslinging against anyone who is not their chosen candidate. They insult the intelligence of the voters with their baseless attacks that use hate mail that contains fuzzy photos and strategic fictions. This time the target of their political snipe hunt is Councilman Peter Tucker. We urge you to consider the credibility-challenged source of the attack ads, follow the facts and vote with your eyes wide open. Tucker is a good man. He has served the city as a volunteer for more than 20 years. Every good cause, from toy drives to community pancake breakfasts to beach cleanups to education foundation fundraisers to Little League baseball, has Tucker’s active participation. He has served admirably for the last four years as our councilman and mayor as a voice for fiscal responsibility and as a leader for positive change. Pete Tucker deserves to be re-elected on Tuesday. – EMMIE SCHILLHAHN Hermosa Beach160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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