Vandalism at City Parks creates a no win situation

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With recent vandalism at the city’s Toboggan Hill and Spray park the disappointing truth is that resources get redirected from important things.After the new washrooms at Toboggan Hill were defaced and the leisure chairs at the Spray Park were broken, Ryan Harvey, Communications Coordinator for the City of Fort St. John said, “unfortunately it happens, we deal with it as it happens obviously hoping people respect the good we have in the community.”- Advertisement -Harvey goes to share, we are lucky to have these things in the city yet the damage to them takes away from other resources. “We are reviewing what can be done about this in the future,” said Harvey.There is hope by sharing these incidents this will create dialogue and discussion in homes about civic pride and protecting the good amenities residents of Fort St. John have access to.last_img

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