PCR launched as Eureka Lab celebrates 24th anniversary

first_imgThe Eureka Medical Laboratory (EML), which now boasts 24 years of existence, launched its new Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) which will see results of medical tests being generated at a faster rate.PCR tests for infectious diseases by detecting the pathogen’s nucleic acids using amplification methods and is a highly specific and sensitive diagnostic tool.In simpler terms, PCR is a technique that takes a specific sequence of DNA and amplifies it to be used for further testing.The test is specifically important because of its sensitivity and accuracy and when used, it establishes the diagnosis by conducting preventative screening methods and monitoring the effects of certain treatments.As the advanced technology had been difficult to acquire in middle-income countries such as Guyana, with challenges being delayed results and the costliness for certain tests to be sent overseas for results, Eureka saw it fit to break those barriers.Eureka can now offer the testing which will acquire diagnosis at an affordable cost to the Guyanese public, with results being available within four hours.“These definitive diagnoses can be given early in an infection cycle at that point of first contact, so appropriate treatment can be initiated and there is a saying, early and timely intervention always help in preventing the spread of diseases” Tiffany Roberts of Eureka explained.PCR will also allow Eureka to be involved in advanced techniques such as gene expression, developing treatment and being involved in cancer research, disease diagnosis and management, food testing, animal and plant breeding and forensics.Speaking at the event, Dr Karen Gordon-Boyle reflected on Eureka’s beginning and commended Andrew Boyle, her husband and founder, for this new stride.“Today makes 24 years since our dream became a reality, so I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to our families who have been behind us tangibly, morally, emotionally, I want to thank our children who have also stood by us but the staff, we couldn’t do this without you” Dr Gordon-Boyle commended.Dr Gordon-Boyle also delivered the feature address of the Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence, who conveyed her recognition of the work and dedication of Andrew Boyle, who according to her, gives the health of our nation paramount importance.Minister Lawrence noted that the introduction of the PCR machine is of inestimable value to the Guyanese people, the health sector and Guyana as a whole.According to the Minister, presently, Guyana is at a very important juncture of its history, that is, being on the threshold of enormous economic wealth.She, however, noted that Guyana’s vision would be blinded if focus was not placed on the nation’s health.“Without a healthy nation, Guyana’s trajectory towards development and sustainability will be severely compromised. I must reiterate this point, that without a healthy nation, we would not be able to reap the benefits of what will soon come to Guyana hence the reason for kudos to Mr Boyle for this strategic intervention, he always has the interest of the nation’s health in mind” Minister Lawrence congratulated.The PCR testing will provide for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, cervical cancer, HPV, micro bacterium and tuberculosis testing.Lawrence noted that from Government’s perspective, the incidents and prevalence of HPV are high on the agenda.“The issue of HPV is under the lens of the Ministry of Public Health that have adopted a comprehensive approach, with the administration of the HPV vaccine to 9-30 years old across the country last year followed by a more aggressive campaign in 2019. According to the World Health Organisation, cervical cancer linked to HPV is the second most cause of cancer among women. Guyana have the highest prevalence rates of cervical cancer with two-thirds of women developing the disease below the age of 60. I wish to laud the efforts of Eureka Lab and the indefectible efforts of Mr Boyle, representative of the Private Sector who at every step of the way lends a compassionate ears to the country’s plight and comes up with strategies that help to support the Government’s intervention” Lawrence further applauded.The Eureka Laboratory presently has branches in Regions Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven and 10.last_img

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