“Give us an opportunity to serve” – PPP’s Linden candidates

first_imgLGE 2018The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Tuesday rolled out its full list of candidates contesting for the Linden municipality at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) on November 12, with party members urging full support for those on the list.The candidates were introduced on Tuesday evening, as the Party launched its Linden LGE 2018 campaign at its regional office at Mackenzie, Linden.Party Member and Opposition Member of Parliament, Juan Edghill, who introduced the list of candidates, called on supporters to vote in their numbers, as he pointed out that the Party has candidates contesting in all of the eight constituencies across Linden. The candidates for the various constituenciesOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo with some of the PPP’s LGE Linden candidatesinclude constituency one Akahni Blair; constituency two Hazelyn Luther; constituency three Mona Razack, constituency four, Dr Orrin Miller; constituency five Sheri James Fife; constituency six Michael Smart; constituency seven Patricia Hinds and constituency eight Paula Moshette. ”Comrades, these persons have offered themselves to be of service to you as constituency candidates…,” Edghill told the large gathering in the compound of the local office for the event, as he reiterated support for the party. “…because you know in Local Government Elections you have to vote twice. You have to vote for the Party, and the only place you must put your X is next to the cup for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic”, he added. Edghill said the Party also has a number of Proportional Representative (PR) candidates whom he referred to as “stalwarts” that have been with the Party for years. He noted that once elected, these representatives will work solely towards the benefit of the people of Linden.“Councillors must look after the interest of the people who have elected them. And it is with that spirit, it is with that confidence, it is with that assurance, within the guidance of the General Secretary, with the leadership of the Party’s executive – they are not specialists, they are not masters but they are people who are willing to serve. That is why we say, ‘give us an opportunity to serve,” he reiterated. EdghillOpposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo being greeted by Lindeners before the meeting on Tuesdaywent on to state that the representatives will also be guided by Opposition Leader and Party General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo as well as other party members.“What they don’t know we will teach them. The advice that they need we will give it to them. The tutoring that they need, Jagdeo will give it to them,” he emphasised, adding that the Party’s campaign has been working with an aim of lifting the hopes of the people of Linden.Meanwhile, Jagdeo told the gathering that the only way this victory can be achieved is through support, as he also urged full support for candidates contesting in the upcoming LGE. He said while no candidate is perfect, all of the Party’s candidates stand for a cause.Urging full support for the Party, Jagdeo noted that the PPP is on the road to reclaiming Guyana in 2020. “Our party appreciates the support that you’ve given us over the many years. And those of you who are new to the People’s Progressive Party you are welcome in our family. It is only because of this support that you’ve given over the years that despite of many challenges we’ve been able to transform this country. But we have a long way to go, and that is why tonight (Tuesday) I am here to…speak in support of our candidates who are contesting the Local Government Elections and secondly to give you a perspective as to where our country is going and what future you will have if the APNU (A Partnership for National Unity) stays in office”, Jagdeo noted.He then cited Government’s “failed campaign promises”, noting that thousands of jobs have been lost since the APNU/AFC took office.Jagdeo said every sector is presently on the decline, with the rice sector in trouble and 7000 workers on the breadline. He added that Government has not come up with a single, new major project, while industries and jobs are on the decline. He also pointed out that Value Added Tax (VAT) has been added to 46 food items and essential items such as pharmaceuticals and machinery. Old age pension, he said, has been increased by a small amount though the APNU/AFC had campaigned for significant increases. Jagdeo added that despite the promise for massive salary increases, years later there has been no change. Despite major Government spending, Jagdeo said the health sector and education sectors are deteriorating and crime is on the increase. The Opposition Leader also highlighted Government’s ban on used tyres and older model vehicles among other things, noting that Government’s policies are leading to the impoverishment of the country.last_img

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