Elections are imminent!

first_imgDear Editor,With the ruling of the CCJ out, many can now get on with their daily activities with one certainty. Elections are imminent!That being said and upon reading the leader of the opposition’s press release, I now wonder what must be going through the minds of those in the APNU/AFC coalition Government. On March 21, 2019, this Administration became an illegal Government and all projects awarded and all monies paid out are now considered an act of illegality. This should make anyone nervous to the tummy but not this coalition. They continue to parade in their land cruisers which are paid for by taxpayers, with undeserving gumption.If and when there is a change in Government, does this mean that these individuals will be prosecuted or can legal action be taken against them currently? After all, I am sure permission was not granted to spend our hard earned tax money after they became illegal. To what extent should we as a democracy extend leniency?Where are SOCU and SARA when you need them?Sincerely,Nicholas De Grootwlast_img

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