Brahim maintains faith

first_imgBrahim Díaz (20 years old) is convinced that he will end up being an important player this season for Real Madrid if the competition resumes. Despite his limited participation so far (just 170 minutes), the man from Malaga is more motivated than ever during this break.Since he arrived in January 2019, he has had few opportunities, although every time he has played he has given up. He did not give the impression that his shirt weighed, quite the contrary: He’s only been 170 this year, but he has scored a goal and given an assist. Far from what you might think, Brahim is not discouraged. He believes that with only 20 years old and in a team with players who have won three Champions in a row this situation was among the options. The player knows that he has the full confidence of Zidane, who always tells him that he believes in him a lot. That is why he sees in this final stretch a golden opportunity to earn a place, because if the competition resumes many games will be played in a short time.For that reason, among his plans at the moment does not enter the loan on loan. It looks ready. Obviously, you know that this situation cannot last much longer, but cHe hoped to reverse it in the short term.In an interview, Luis de la Fuente, the Olympic and U21 coach, assessed the situation of the Real Madrid player: “What he thinks is legitimate, it is a demonstration of the confidence he has in his possibilities. But reality is what it is. I can be very confident in my chances but if expectations are not met I will have to find another scenario. It would be interesting for players so young that they have the opportunity to play … ”. Brahim started as one of the stars of the new U-21 team that started the cycle last September, but su lack of minutes with Real Madrid has meant that he has not yet been called …last_img

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