What is the point ratio decided by the league in France?

first_imgThe Premier, Serie A and LaLigaOther championships that may be affected by this ratio, if terminated beforehand, are the Premier and, above all, Series A. Both in England and in Italy there is a lot of dance of meetings played by both teams. The ratio will then decide what the actual ranking is. The Premier seems determined to end the season and may not use math to solve her championship.Series A, meanwhile, is still up in the air. It is not at all disposable that you have to opt for the point ratio, therefore. What is certain is that in Spain this criterion will not be used, since at the time of the suspension of the championship all the clubs had the same number of games played. PSG are champions in France, following the FFF’s decision to end the season and use the point ratio to determine the final standings. PSG were the leader with a 12 point advantage over Marseille and one less game. He still had to play eleven games, for the ten that the rest had to play. His advantage was wide, but the title has come from another formula that has practically never happened in a major league: the point ratio criterion.This ratio is considered the fairest when not all teams had the same number of matches, as was the case with Ligue1. To know exactly what is the actual position of each team, divide the number of points obtained by the number of matches played. Thus, a new classification comes out that does not usually have too many substantial changes, but I can move the odd piece. In France, given the dominance of PSG, it was clear that the Parisians would end this method first, even more having one less game than their pursuer.last_img

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