The photomontage of Reinier’s family is already a reality

first_imgThe photomontage of Mauro ReinierThe Reinier family had so much desire that the official commitment of Madrid arrived for the remainder of the season and six more than Mauro could not stop showing off among his closest relatives of a document sent to his mobile phone during a wait they were made eternal. It was about a photo montage of his son dressed as a Real Madrid player. A close-up, in the style of the chips that appear on the club’s website, with smiling Reinier … and the 2018-19 season shirt, not that of the 2019-20. Mauro didn’t know that detail, but he didn’t care either. He was drooling imagining the crack that he, in support of the coaches of the team quarry like Flamengo, forged based on his experience at the highest level of futsal. 19 Reinier’s father is also the main cause of his son’s Real Madrid, who as a child encouraged to watch the matches of the white club. Moreover, I put videos of several of the players who raised the Bernabéu, among them Zidane, who is expected to be his coach in the medium term. That’s why Reinier will see in Zizou something more than a ‘boss’: an idol the one he imitated in his first kicks. Mauro knows very well what elite sport is, not in vain he has experienced it from within, and values ​​as nobody the early success of his crack. He was world champion of futsal with Brazil in 1985 in Spain, in a discipline in which he was recognized as the best of his country in 1983. In ours he lived three years because his career brought him here.center_img The dream of Reinier Jesus (18 years old), that came true Yesterday afternoon with the official announcement of his signing for Real Madrid, it is not only an illusion of a kid. So is his whole family, that he was waiting for the moment with the desire of whom the opportunity of his life comes. Y surely who best represents that feeling is his father, Mauro Brasília. Reinier’s family started the process weeks ago involving a change of country and continent. From Spain, Several people advise you in the search for a new home in Madrid, where they will land when the player concludes his participation in the Colombian Pre-Olympic. And they have got to work with the language, studying Spanish at their home in Rio de Janeiro. Reinier, meanwhile, with the same teacher as them, began to do so in the concentration of the Sub-23 in the Comary Farm. A talent and an applied guy …last_img

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