What the 20 First Teams are looking for

first_imgThese are the market movements made so far by the 20 First clubs and what they are looking for reinforce In this winter market. Clubs are sorted by order of classification. BARCELONA: IT DOES NOT BUY, IT DOES SELL: ALEÑÁ, VIDAL TODIBO …Barça has no intention of strengthening. Aleñá has already left, assigned to Betis, and the case of Arturo Vidal is about to be resolved, which is most likely to go to Inter. Milan is interested in the transfer of Todibo. Riqui Puig could have the option to get on the first team.REAL MADRID: DO NOT DATE AND LOOK FOR OUTPUT TO MARIANO AND BRAHIMMadrid does not plan to strengthen in January. Instead, his intention is to reduce staff with the departure of two players who do not count for Zidane: Mariano and Brahim. Mariano’s problem is his high salary (4 million net). Brahim is looking for an assignment.SEVILLE: THE OBJECTIVE IS TO FILE A 9 AND DRAXLERThe priority would be to hire a 9 and, if possible, to be versatile and also play on the left side of the attack. Draxler (PSG) is one of the preferred options by Monchi. The exit options are the central Sergi Gómez and the forward Dabbour.ATHLETIC: THE ABSOLUTE PRIORITY IS TO FILE A CAVANIThe priority is to sign a 9 and the favorite is Cavani. In the bedroom, Alcácer (Borussia Dortmund) and Dani Olmo (Dinamo Zagreb). The salary limit drowns the club. To sign you must make a good sale (Lemar). Saponjic and a right side (Vrsaljko or Arias) can leave.REAL SOCIETY: RUBÉN PARDO AND SAGNAN IS IN THE OUTPUT RAMPLa Real has no intention of moving in the winter market. Imanol understands that the template is more than complete and trusts them. In addition, it is pending to recover the injured Illarramendi, Zurutuza and Aritz Elustondo. Rubén Pardo and Sagnan can leave.GETAFE: EARRINGS FROM THE REMOVAL OF BERGARA FOOTBALLWhen Bergara confirms his impending withdrawal from football, Getafe could consider covering his hole. He loved Aleñá, who preferred to go to Betis. Enric Gallego has many offers from Second. The excess of left sides can open the door to Raul Carnero.ATHLETIC: FEAR THAT THE WEST HAM REMOVES YOU FROM UNAI NÚÑEZThe only novelty would be for Unai Núñez to go to West Ham for the 30 million of its clause. He has no plans to sign. If Unai Núñez left, he would pull the subsidiary, with Dani Vivian, or recover Nolaskoian, on loan at Deportivo. Transfer to Ganea is sought.VALENCIA: PRIORITY IS THE ARRIVAL OF CANCELThe Celades team looks for a right back and the priority is Cancelo (Manchester City), which was already in Valencia. The che club is also open to other market options in the midfield. Destination to Thierry Correia is sought. Nephew could leave.I RAISED: NO MARGIN FOR THE SALARIAL BUMPERThe Levante cannot sign because it has the quota covered with a salary cap. As no exit is planned or planned to be made, it does not expect any market movement. The only option is to leave a player and, in that case, replace his position.VILLARREAL: FERNANDO ROIG SAYS YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THIS MARKETFernando Roig said at the shareholders meeting that the January market is not interested at this moment. Consider that the template was done well in summer and do not have to touch it in winter. They would only sign if an important player came out. POMEGRANATE: VALLEJO AND WELL INTERESTED AND GOT ​​ADRIÁN RAMOSPretend three reinforcements. A central, a left side and a forward. Vallejo sounds, Real Madrid player on loan at Wolverhampton, and Pozo (Sevilla), who was already in Granada last season. Adrián Ramos has dissociated himself from the club and signed for América de Cali.OSASUNA: SHEET TO LATO AND MOUTH JUNIORS WANTS TO RONCAGLIAHe has signed Lato, left side assigned by Valencia that was in the PSV. Boca Juniors has been interested in Roncaglia. Those who have options to leave are Lillo, agreement to undo his contract, and a possible assignment of Brandon, which interests Deportivo.BETIS: ALEÑÁ ARRIVED AND THEY WANT GUIDO RODRÍGUEZHe has signed Aleñá, transferred from Barça until the end of the season and with no purchase option. The priority now is to hire a pivot and the desired one is Guido Rodríguez (America). Nor do they rule out bringing to an extreme. You have options to leave Kaptoum.VALLADOLID: THE PRIORITY IS TO GIVE FOUR OUTPUTSThe priority is to start, reduce the workforce by taking out four or five players and, from there, hire one or two. You are not looking for a specific profile. Luismi, Aguado and Javi Sánchez can leave. Lunin, waiting for Madrid to transfer it to another club where he played.THROUGH: REQUEST THE ASSIGNMENT OF MADRIDISTA BRAHIMPina’s injury forces to sign. Interested in the transfer of Brahim (Real Madrid) and former Real Madrid player Lucas Silva. There are players who do not count for Garitano like Dani Torres, Guidetti, Javi Muñoz and Rafa Navarro, who could go out in this winter market.EIBAR: NEEDS REINFORCEMENTS ON ALL LINESThe Eibarrés club intends to sign but without specifying who. They have problems in defense, where they are lacking in troops. They also want a midfielder who believes play and a forward with goal. If a striker comes another will come out, because he has four.MAJORCA: A LEFT SIDE AND AN EXTREME RIGHTMallorca wants to be reinforced in January with a left side, a right end and possibly a forward, depending on the performance of Cucho Hernández after his injury. They could leave if they find Trajkovski, Chavarría and Alex Alegría.CELTIC: NOLITO RETURNS TO BE THE MOST CODED PARTHe plans to sign to one extreme and Nolito is again the most coveted piece.For the moment, nothing more. In the departures section two players will look for a destination: Beauvue and Juan Hernández. Pending that Naples make an offensive by Lobotka.LEGANESE: ASK MIKEL VESGA AND LOOK FOR A PORTERLeganés is looking for a midfielder and has already initiated contacts to incorporate Mikel Vesga, from Athletic. He also wants a goalkeeper in case André Grandi leaves. It is pending the possible departures of Kravets, Fede Varela and Sabin Merino.SPANISH: RAÚL DE TOMÁS AND TWO OR THREE MORE SHEETSEspanyol plans to make three to four signings in January. Among the reinforcements, a forward is urgent and the club has already contacted Benfica by Raúl de Tomás. It will take between two or three casualties. They are looking for an assignment to Pipa, 21-year-old right-back.last_img

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