City Of Olympia Leaf Clean Up

first_imgSubmitted by the City of OlympiaHelp Us Clean LeavesThe City of Olympia would like to remind residents and property owners to collect leaves from the sidewalk and planter strip and dispose of or compost them.Please do not blow leaves into the street with the expectation that the City’s street sweeper will collect the leaves and dispose of them. With recent budget cuts, the sweeping schedule has been modified and many streets see significantly less frequent sweeping.Leaves that remain in the street block storm drains and can pose safety hazards. Also, debris that is raked into the street can become contaminated and cannot be composted, increasing the cost of disposal.Residents can compost leaves by requesting a yard waste bin from the City’s Waste ReSources program.  Property owners can also haul leaves to the yard waste facility on Eastside Street, to the landfill, or compost the leaves on their property.  The City’s Yard Waste Drop Off Site will be open on Saturday, November 10 and 17, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Facebook0Tweet0Pin0last_img

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