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IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News now has a new variant with 32GB storage. deputy director of the influenza division. stresses that “the H1N1 virus is not going away” Jernigan estimates that “upwards of maybe 100000” people in the United States have influenza-like illness—more than 20 times the number of confirmed and probable novel H1N1 cases in the country But Jernigan says some of the spike in flu cases likely comes from seasonal viruses not the new strain as well as the “profound amount of testing that has gone on in the last few weeks” CDC also changes its recommendations for people who want to travel to Mexico downgrading the “warning” that advised people to put off “nonessential” trips to a “precaution” In Europe which has yet to see sustained transmission in communities four countries cut deals with GlaxoSmithKline to purchase more than 100 million doses of a vaccine that targets the new H1N1 virus 14 MayA Texan whose pregnant wife died of swine flu takes legal action against the US co-owner of a Mexican pig farm Granjas Carroll which he alleges may have kick-started the outbreak WHO announces that it no longer will hold daily press briefings 13 MayWith the outbreak still teetering on the brink of phase 6 a full-scale pandemic WHO’s Sylvie Briand a project leader in the Global Influenza Programme acknowledges the limits of the phasing system which gauges transmission not severity But Briand says a “severity index” for flu “is not very helpful” because it depends on several factors that can differ even within one country including virulence vulnerability and community “resilience” CDC for the first time since 23 April will no longer hold daily press briefings 12 MayWHO and CDC officials suggest that European and Asian countries may have made headway against the virus with aggressive screening of travelers and prompt treatment of infected people and their contacts with antivirals CDC’s MMWR dispatch advises use of antiviral drugs for any pregnant woman with confirmed disease Thirty countries report more than 5200 confirmed cases nearly 90% of which were in Mexico and the United States but WHO and CDC advise that case counts are underestimates Story breaks about scientist who suggests that the virus might be an accidental laboratory creation which immediately is met with deep skepticism 11 MayMainland China reports its first case Science publishes paper that estimates 23000 people in Mexico were infected by 30 April and that the virus looks similar in severity to one that caused 1957 pandemic 9 MayConfirmed cases in the US (1639) outnumber those in Mexico (1364) for the first time but this might reflect more aggressive surveillance and testing capabilities than actual infections 7 May Mexico reports nearly 12000 suspected cases more than 1000 confirmed WHO says community transmission does not appear to be happening outside the Americas A media backlash begins accusing scientists and officials of hyping the outbreak Canadians clarify details about the pig farm outbreak noting that others on the farm developed influenza-like illness but have tested negative for the virus 6 May Canada reports that the worker on the Alberta pig farm tested negative for the virus although the sample may have been collected too late to detect it Tests of his blood for antibodies begin 5 May First death of a US resident: a 33-year-old schoolteacher who had recently given birth CDC announces that schools should no longer close if they have a case Mexico’s Córdova says cases are decreasing in severity and number and that businesses in Mexico City may reopen Mexico reports the detection of a Mexico City case with symptoms on 11 March earliest date yet reported 4 May Official case count tops 1000 for first time Virus found in 20 countries 3 May WHO reports 18 countries with 898 confirmed cases Phase 6 full-scale pandemic remains imminent but not declared 2 May Canada reports the first isolation of the virus from pigs A farm worker who traveled to Mexicali Mexico returned to Canada on 12 April and apparently infected a herd in Alberta Mexican Health Minister José ngel Córdova says he believes the outbreak in his country is stabilizing Mexico still has a backlog of untested samples but has confirmed 506 cases and 19 deaths US cases climb to 226 and 30 hospitalizations 1 May Thirteen countries report cases taking the total to 367 Between 1billion and 2 billion doses of a pandemic vaccine may be available within a year says WHO’s Marie-Paule Kieny Ensuring access for the world’s poorest is a WHO priority she says 30 April The backlog of untested cases is in the thousands as few labs other than CDC and PHAC can confirm cases MMWR publishes detailed reports about outbreaks in Mexico and a New York City school In London the European Medicines Agency meets with EU member countries vaccine producers WHO and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control to discuss the criteria a pandemic vaccine will have to meet 29 April WHO raises the threat level from phase 4 to 5 indicating sustained community transmission in two countries (Mexico and the United States) in the same region Ten countries report confirmed cases including South Korea the first in Asia The first related death is reported in the United States: a toddler from Mexico visiting relatives WHO’s Chan holds a teleconference with vaccine manufacturers around the globe to discuss the production of a pandemic vaccine 28 April Seven countries report cases to WHO CDC reports five new hospitalized cases in the United States and acting CDC Director Richard Besser says he expects to see deaths The Mexican government bans dining in Mexico City restaurants Cuba suspends flights to and from Mexico becoming the first of several countries to do so 27 April Canada and Spain report confirmed cases to WHO After an Emergency Committee meeting WHO raises the pandemic threat level from phase 3 to phase 4 indicating sustained human-to-human transmission in a community Mexico suspends schools nationwide 26 April CDC confirms cases in five states none severe The mystery deepens about why Mexico appears to have many related hospitalizations and deaths Other countries including New Zealand and France report suspect cases Churches in Mexico City do not hold mass 25 April WHO convenes an Emergency Committee to evaluate evidence Chan declares the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern 24 April CDC publishes MMWR dispatch about six new US cases with increasing evidence of human-to-human transmission and publicly links same strain of H1N1 to the Mexican outbreak WHO receives reports from Mexico of 884 suspected cases most in Mexico City and 62 deaths Most cases are in otherwise healthy young adults The Mexican government closes schools in Mexico City 23 AprilSamples from Mexico arrive at CDC PHAC and CDC confirm Mexico cases are the same A(H1N1) of swine origin There is a teleconference between PHAC CDC and Mexican officials Genetic analysis shows that the virus is a mix of avian and swine viruses from North America a swine flu strain usually seen in Asia and a human influenza strain Margaret Chan WHO’s director general learns details upon arrival in Washington DC.

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