Sing the theme song of 12345 support work

In June 6th, the reporter from the Xining municipal double support office was informed that, in recent years, the city Party committee and government at all levels from politics, stressing the overall situation and stability perspective, strengthen the organization and leadership of the "yongjunyoushu, cherishing the work, the full implementation of the" 12345 "support the work of the leadership responsibility.

Support staff skills training to promote stable development of enterprises

To actively respond to the current grim situation facing the industrial economy, promote the steady development of enterprises, stable employment situation, city and Social Council to actively encourage enterprises to carry out staff skill, job transfer, production safety, occupation skill training, give full play to the supporting role of occupation skill training for production and operation of enterprises in difficulty, is a forward "on the increase the social support to promote the circular on issues related to the stable development of industrial enterprises in our province" (the youth club hall letter [2011]607) file, and guide enterprises to urge the county park staff training work, to implement policies to support enterprises; two is a clear departmental responsibilities, decomposition of tasks in a timely manner, the enterprise training subsidies acceptance audit, payment and other specific issues, and the Economic Commission, finance, taxation and other departments of communication and coordination, form a joint force read more

Xining evening news hit the first activity into the field

a hand embroidered paper-cut painting, a piece of true to life and the rural exquisite beyond compare, attractive and sub micro fried cakes…… Following the founding of the city into the community activities, in July 21st for the first time, the Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Chong City activities into the countryside. On the same day, Peng village square, the villagers with their best at their debut, to show the new rural civilization.

day, Peng village square brings together a number of paper cutting, embroidery, calligraphy, folk art, such as the shadow of a live performance of skilled craftsmen, rich and colorful folk customs show for the villagers. The string of "civilized etiquette from generation to generation" so that the presence of the audience to feel the civilized people, harmonious neighborhood relations, in fact, only need a simple language of civilization, a civilized behavior. In addition, in order to reflect the rich cultural heritage, folk art tradition, a "shadow" shadow "will also be lost through bridge that mother" onto the stage, let each of the villagers present are deeply remember "respect" is the civilized etiquette for thousands of years of Chinese nation everlasting. Villagers Liu Wenlan said that by participating in a city activities, so that we know more about the importance of civilization, we will use their own language and behavior to convince everyone, civilized manners, let the public never mind vanguard of farmers in the new era is to create a civilized city. read more

The development of Xining business people’s livelihood awesome market to promote scientific consumpt

Xining focus on expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption, people’s livelihood, scientific development "as the theme, to vigorously promote the" livelihood projects "as the key to the construction of the market circulation system as the starting point, to support the construction of projects and business outlets, retail sales of social consumer goods 23 billion 100 million yuan last year, for 231 million yuan of special funds. 2 billion 700 million yuan in fixed assets investment, investment funds 660 million yuan, to achieve sound and rapid development of the city’s business undertakings.

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Xining City West District began to recruit information grid

Qinghai’s first social management information platform has been built three, divided into 122 grids, the implementation of the street length, floor length, unit length system…… The innovation of social management and meticulous management out of the Western model, enrich the grid grid management team, to play a greater role in the west area is for the community to recruit grid information officer, let people have the opportunity to participate in the construction of West peace. read more

Qinghai Grand Theater official website opened three ways to buy tickets

Since December 8th, the Western metropolis newspaper issued a large theater in Qinghai, the newspaper advertising department to set up the city after the ticket point of the message, came to the public flocked to buy tickets. In December 10th, a reporter from the Qinghai Grand Theatre center, Qinghai Grand Theatre website ( has been opened and tickets can be booked online, so far, the public can through to the Qinghai grand theater tickets, ticket center to set up in the newspaper outlets, ticket booking website of Qinghai Grand Theater online booking in three ways. read more

The streets of the beautiful mind carefree Xining for 09 years as a practical project

days ago, reporters from the City Construction Bureau was informed that this year at the beginning of the year in 2009 the municipal government projects for the tangible things, things in our city street reconstruction, streetscape renovation, street lighting, power line laying 4 by the municipal construction bureau is responsible for the implementation of the project, up to now has been basically completed.

(: items) invested 245 million yuan to start the implementation of the air defense project, something street lanes and sidewalks and traffic safety facilities renovation project; investment of 120 million yuan, the implementation of Qilian Road, West Main Street, North Street, victory road, Bridge Street, Jianguo Road streetscape renovation project; investment of 20 million yuan, the implementation of street lighting project update transformation of the main urban road lighting; investment of 100 million yuan, the implementation of power line within the city east street, Jianguo North Road, 71 Road, North Street, Haiyan Road, South Gate Street, 6 road 26 km laying in engineering. read more

Xining to create a good environment for the college entrance examination

the afternoon of June 6th, the municipal government organized education, environmental protection, transportation, public security, health and other departments to carry out an inspection of the city entrance test centers around the comprehensive environment, to ensure the safety of the college entrance examination in 2013, a smooth and orderly.

inspection team deep into the Xining third, Xining tiger Taiwan School Test Center, carefully check before the preparatory work, on-site coordination to solve the problem, each inspection team, listened carefully to the center for the implementation of the work, and carefully check the examination platform of monitoring equipment and papers secret room, listening to a foreign language phonetic system, online inspection system school monitoring, surrounding environment, a detailed understanding of the overall situation of college entrance test preparation. read more

Xining Second People’s culture and Arts Festival in July the opening of the people stage

  culture, cohesion city power; art, light people dream. By the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal civilization office, sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of the "I said, I sing, I practice" — Xining city to cultivate and practice the socialist core value activities and the second session of the public culture and Art Festival will be held in July 17th in the central square big stage people opening activities at the end of August, for a more than a month.It is reported that the read more

The third session of the Xining municipal sports will create two new most

Union City, Municipal Sports Bureau, the municipal organs from April 19th to 25, held to celebrate the "51" and the third session of the city’s games, a total of 70 teams of 6032 people participating, games were set up including broadcast gymnastics, ball games, track and field of interest, 23 items, 51 items. The city in recent years, the largest number of entries, one of the biggest sports event.

it is understood that the current games aimed at showing the spirit of the masses of all ethnic groups in the city, to promote the vigorous development of the national fitness campaign to promote the overall improvement of the quality of the masses of workers. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s material and cultural living standards, the spirit and cultural needs of the masses of workers and staff are also growing, which provides a broad space for the development of cultural and sports activities. According to the municipal government to promote cultural development and prosperity and create a healthy city and a city requires tackling ", the Games organizers called for organizations at all levels and the masses of workers to the games as an opportunity to the construction of socialist core value system as its mission, to meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs as the starting point. The inherent law of in-depth study of the development of staff sports, boldly explore new ways of staff sports construction, efforts to create more rich characteristics of the times, one of the cultural and sports workers" boutique ", as our four work to inject new vitality. (author: Xu Shunkai Bao Minwen)
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