Clothing purchase essential skills to open clothing store purchase is critical

is the basic necessities of life, clothing apparel, occupy a very important link, now people want to run a successful clothing store, you need to have some purchase skills, because only a good supply of ready, to open a clothing store success.

clothing purchase skills, clothing wholesale market purchase code

booth which sees things, indirect boss said: how to get it? (don’t say how to sell) and must be righteous, sound loud and clear, a pair of old! Don’t fear, look around, whispering, a look that is fake. Look at the time to be able to put on airs and asked: "your family this well? I take back to sell the price?" if he asked you, "where is your shop?". read more

Pay attention to matters which y open the shop

as a result of the market for jewelry love, therefore, the opening of the domestic jewelry shop seems to be a good choice. However, regardless of what to do, the other does not say that the focus on one – money. No money not to say anything, passion, an encyclopedic mind is useless. Now do nothing more than their own business to earn some of the deposits, and then is not to find the old dad to come to the deposit for many years, as to borrow money, loans, not easy. Have the money, it is necessary to find a good shop, have a chance to put the tickets will not be for naught. read more

Business can not be false promises

in order to attract customers, to reach a deal, and now many sellers will give a promise. However, when the goods once sold, not Renzhang things happen. Who does not stand, no more difficult business letter, everyone knows the truth, and everyone in every day, but once the interests and reputation of the contradictions, or a large number of people with interests, the promise, credit aside.

in recent years, consumers in the media can often see some businesses to make some kind of commitment to consumers, such as lifetime warranty, lifelong free service, etc.. For the time being, regardless of the authenticity of such commitment, on the word life, in theory, such a formulation is extremely unscientific, a little absolute. From a practical point of view, it is impossible. So, some of the so-called lifelong commitment to consumers, in the end how much credibility, it is worthy of suspicion of consumers. Many facts have proved that the so-called "lifetime warranty", "lifelong service" commitment is impossible. read more

Analysis of the channel strategy of growing brand in blog world

an enterprise to want to develop very good to want to have the vision of farsighted vision and good comprehensive plan, and the channel strategy of growing brand is how a concept?

in this value, the most easily overlooked is the channel. The emergence of e-commerce, to open another window for the enterprise, but now the Chinese market is still a channel for the king of the market. Especially the relative growth of enterprises, the brand is not strong, contend for channel, has become the only way to take cities and seize territory, gaining a foothold.

read more

80% nternet users information leakage network security issues highlighted

is now a social network, in all aspects of life and the network can be said to have tied contact, at the same time, the number of Internet users and the number of Chinese is increasing constantly, but the problem of network security has now become a troubled people.

7 22, 2015 China Internet users rights protection forum held in beijing. Forum, the China Internet association 12321 network bad and spam Reporting Center issued a "China Internet users rights protection investigation report (2015)". read more

Food prices rose badly the acquisition of a large number of private enterprises in Jiangsu the who

in our lives, although the economy has been greatly developed, there are many factories around the building up, but there are still a lot of people living on the food. The rice has been harvested, but Jinhu County Dai Lou Zhen Dai Lou Cun large grain Lu Jinrong did not relax, this kind of nearly 600 acres of grain farmers, another identity is a food broker. Since early December, he has been the acquisition of rice zoucunchuanhu. "By December 17th, I have bought 150 tons of rice, rented a grain management warehouse holds, first not to sell, because rice prices also go up estimation." read more

Entrepreneurs do not take off the legal coat streaking

said innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs are the first idea of funding, projects and other issues. As for the legal coat may be more entrepreneurs who ignore, and now venture, the proportion of the law is growing, want to better ensure their own interests, do not take off the cloak of law.

Baoan District from the "industrial zone" to "industrial city" across, it is essential that the escort on corporate law. Starting this week, the statement weekly launched a series of corporate legal risk prevention report, hoping to provide some inspiration for the enterprise. read more

Guang Jin village cadres to carry out poverty alleviation work a year zero complaints

Although the

economy has been rapid development, a lot of urban residents living standards have been significantly improved, but there are still some people do not get rid of poverty. Recently, a cold wave swept through Guangdong, the temperature dropped "cliff". Town village is located in the northeast of Guangdong Wuhua County, cold and windy, cold rain drift, and the village team "in the village of poverty alleviation Guangdong University of Finance committees cadres in zoucunchuanhu, visits into the precise poverty object of poor households and to understand the life situation of the old party at home, do good to remind the freezing cold work, and to solicit their opinions and suggestions related to poverty alleviation. read more

How to join origus

we all know that there are a lot of fast food brands. Small business must keep their eyes open to find good projects, good is a very famous fast food stores. Join the good project, word of mouth is very good. If you join the project of good, is very seductive, hurry up!

the most difficult place is the fast-food business competition, although the fast food market is hot, but also because of the big competition so difficult to succeed, so the big brand fast-food franchise should be a good choice, good is a long established brand strength, product rich and high reputation, favored by consumers, the good what is the result of joining, obviously. read more