The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

first_imgBy Jeremy Cliffe Is there anything anyone doesn’t get off on, whether we admit it or not?” In this pithy question the protagonist of Edward Albee’s The Goat expresses the play’s central dilemma: what do we tolerate, and what is taboo? Martin, the superstar architect at the pinnacle of his trade, sits in the living room, his life in tatters; a suitable ending to a drama Albee subtitles “Notes towards a definition of tragedy”.The opening scene introduces us to Martin (Will Robertson) and his wife Stevie (Sarah Nerger). The pair launches into a convincing, provocative performance, and we are quickly drawn into the world of the ever-so-slightly bohemian denizens of the East Coast bourgeoisie. Those familiar with the patina of the surreal on Albee’s 1962 masterpiece, Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? will recognise the style. Yet here the very premise is an absurdity, or at least we would be forgiven for thinking so: Martin is having an affair with a goat named Sylvia. As the play unfolds the animalistic amore is revealed to the audience, his friend Ross (Max Seddon), his wife and his gay son Billy (Tom Coates). Add to the concoction simmering discord and dysfunctional communication, and the result is a Kafkaesque collapse of the superficially harmonious world which we are presented at the outset.A little way into the play, Ross is distracted by the churning, rushing sounds of the dishwasher. “It’s probably the Eumenides” Martin replies wryly. Indeed, where these mythical deities enforced the prevailing moral order upon the heroes of yore, in Albee’s modern tragedy it is this paradigm of modern domesticity that looms over Martin’s nemesis. But Papa Aristotle would be mighty content with the plot structure. Dramatic unity, a fall from glory, circumstances beyond control, and a suitably cathartic dénouement – the play has it all. Albee creates what the Director Guy Levin describes as “a truly modern tragedy”, suited to our atomised, atheist society through its exploration of where we place the boundaries on love; and bestiality, paedophilia, incest and rape are under the spolight.Launching on Broadway in 2002, the play reached British audiences in 2004 at Islington’s Almeida Theatre (starring Jonathan Pryce), and in its Oxford première Levin does the work full justice. In the first act Robertson’s dry tone is an excellent counter to the vitality of Nerger’s polished, authoritative but affectionate wife and Seddon’s superbly charismatic television presenter. Robertson maintains a quizzical air, clearly troubled, even alienated. As Ross, camera rolling, introduces his friend on interview, there is a brilliant discord between Martin’s expression of undisguised tedium, lip curled, and Ross’s self-important ramblings (“Some people, I guess, are, well…more extraordinary than others” he contemplates, gazing into middle-distance). With the revelation of Martin’s capriphiliac dalliances, Nerger comes into her own, lurching manically from incandescent ranting to superior, sarcastic barbs. Meanwhile Coates does well as the slightly affected Billy; between uncomprehending outbursts at his parents he speechlessly grasps at his hair. Robertson tends to be more deadpan than frenetic, more wry than fraught, to the point of occasionally underplaying his role. It’s a point of debate whether this trace of the understated wryness of Robertson’s excellent Berthold Brecht in last Hilary’s Tales from Hollywood restricts his portrayal, but in any case he puts in a fine portrayal of neuroticism and inner sadness.In all, this is a first-rate set of performances, credible but with subtle hints of caricature that well suit the supercharged reality of the world of the play. It has great success in balancing the absurdity and comic word play with Martin’s tragic inability to reconcile genuine love with absolute social orthodoxy, and as such leaves us wary of taking the validity of such a convention for granted. Dir:  Guy Levin    OFS: 7.30 Tues-Sat, 2.30 Sat    Week 4last_img read more

Demolition of Tinbergen Building makes way for new £201.8M Life and Mind Building

first_imgThe Tinbergen Building was designed by Sir Leslie Martin, a renowned post-war architect, best known for his work on the Royal Festival Hall at the South Bank Centre in London. The building is named after the Dutch biologist Niko Tinbergen who began teaching at Oxford in the late 1940s.  Professor Kinnard, Senior Responsible Owner, wrote in the May 2020 issue of the Life and Mind Building newsletter that the COVID-19 pandemic has only minimally interfered with the project plans and that demolition is on track to wrap up by September 2020, with the new building opening for Michaelmas term 2024, as was originally planned. This was facilitated by a ‘COVID-19 mitigation plan’ deployed in early March, which included the transition of project meetings to online platforms.. According to a public consultation document, prospective design plans for the new building include extending the public space surrounding the lot in order to create a public plaza just outside the building, allowing for more natural light and better views from within the building. Plans also include terraces with spaces for study, work, and social engagement. The new building will require an internal area of 26,000 square meters in order to accommodate the space needed for science, research, teaching, and office areas.  In a letter to the Oxford City Council, Pro-Vice-Chancellor David Prout remarked that this project is the “largest building project the university has ever undertaken.” The estimated value of the project is  £201.8M in total. Demolition and construction will enlist the help of hundreds of workers, ranging from demolition experts to engineers to landscape designers.  Demolition of the University of Oxford’s Tinbergen Building on South Parks Road began this May. Evacuated in 2017 due to the discovery of asbestos within the building, the lot is being cleared to make way for a new biology and experimental psychology building.center_img Prior to 2017, the Tinbergen Building was the university’s largest science and research building. Over 1,600 students were forced to leave the premises after asbestos was discovered within the building in February 2017. Asbestos removal took place for a period of 18 months before demolition began. Because asbestos removal could not occur with occupants within the building, students and staff were moved into temporary buildings just south of the original Tinbergen lot and in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, while the Tinbergen Building was closed to the public. Planning permission for these sites runs out in June 2022 but can be extended. Regarding the discovery of asbestos in the building, a university spokesperson said: “Asbestos was commonly used in construction and refurbishment work for much of the 20th century and can be found in any building built before the year 2000. The University follows national best practices and the requirements of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to manage asbestos materials. We regularly monitor and survey for asbestos in buildings and, if any risk is detected, we take immediate action to ensure users are safe. For example, in 2017 we moved staff out of the Tinbergen Building when asbestos was found in areas where it might be disturbed.” Known as the Life and Mind Science Building, the new building will house both a biology department – combining existing plant sciences and zoology departments – and the evolutionary psychology department. According to the university’s website, this new building will “significantly improve the way psychological and biological science is undertaken in Oxford, helping scientists to solve some of our major global challenges.” last_img read more

Head-On Crash on I-69 Kills Three

first_imgPike County – Last night at approximately 9:43, Trooper Hunter Manning witnessed a head-on crash on I-69 near the 49 mile-marker involving three vehicles.At approximately 9:30 p.m., Trooper Manning was parked on I-69 southbound at the 42 mile-marker when a motorist stopped to inform him a motorist driving a Chevrolet Tahoe was driving northbound in the southbound lanes. Trooper Manning immediately proceeded northbound and located the vehicle traveling north in the southbound lanes near the 48.5 mile-marker. Trooper Manning drove into the median in an attempt to get the wrong way driver’s attention. The driver of the Tahoe then entered the median and made a U-turn into the northbound lanes and proceeded south. Trooper Manning then entered into the southbound lanes still attempting to get the driver’s attention. Moments later the vehicle struck two vehicles in the northbound lanes near the 49 mile-marker.Preliminary investigation revealed Brian Paquette, 48, of Newport News, VA, was driving his 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe southbound in the northbound passing lane. Stephanie Molinet, 22, of Elberfeld, was driving her 2014 Ford Focus northbound in the passing lane when the two vehicles struck head-on. The impact caused Paquette’s vehicle to rotate clockwise and into the path of a 2011 GMC Terrain that was traveling northbound in the driving lane. The driver of the GMC was pronounced dead at the scene. A female passenger was taken to Deaconess Hospital where she is currently being treated for non-life threatening injuries. Their identities will be released later today after their family have been notified. Autumn Kapperman, 21, of Boonville, was a front seat passenger in Molinet’s vehicle. Kapperman was pronounced dead at the scene. She was also five-months pregnant. Molinet was taken to Deaconess Hospital where she died early Saturday morning from her injuries. Paquette was also transported to Deaconess Hospital where he is currently being treated for non-life threatening injuries. All three vehicles were totaled. The northbound lanes of I-69 were closed for approximately three-hours while troopers investigated the crash.This is an on-going investigation.Deceased:• 44-year-old male (Waiting for Family to be Notified)• Stephanie Molinet, 22, Elberfeld, IN• Autumn Kapperman, 21, Boonville, INInjured:• 46-year-old female (Waiting for Family to be Notified)• Brian L. Paquette, 48, Newport News, VAFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Fashion design for kids hosted by Little City Books

first_img× HOBOKEN – Little City Books, Hoboken’s independent bookstore, will host Marjorie Galen, author of ‘The Fashion Designer’s Handbook’ to teach a class for kids 6 – 12 on how to design, cut, baste, sew, and trim a chic A-line shift for their doll. All materials (and cookies) included.It all comes together on Thursday, March 15 at 4 p.m. at Little City Books, 100 Bloomfield St., Hoboken.A purchase of the book is required to participate. You can learn more at‘The Fashion Designer’s Handbook and Fashion Kit’ features 33 projects that range from super easy dresses for 11 1⁄2-inch fashion dolls (including Barbie) all the way to projects for designers to make and wear themselves. It shows how to think and work like a designer, from finding inspiration to sketching to developing a personal style. Getting to know fabrics, fibers, and materials; working with patterns; and creating original designs using the dress form.Want to create The Mod Mini 1-2-3 Skirt? The No-Sew Sock Dress? Little Red Cape and Coco Jacket?Here in one kit is everything you need to start designing and sewing clothes, a full-color book that comes with a doll-size dress form, 24 reusable patterns, rick rack, embroidery thread, a tape measure, and a piece of fabric printed in three vibrant patterns.Marjorie Galen was born in Brooklyn many years before it was hip to live there. She likes to make things and then write about the process. Some of her favorite things to make are chocolate chip cookies, quilts, doll dresses, embroidered hankies, and hand knitted socks.She is the author of two craft books for kids and families, and is currently working on a new sewing book (this time one for adults).To reach the store call (201) 626-READ or visit read more

Press release: Stricter laws to tackle terrorism come into force

first_imgA new offence introduced in the Act also gives the Home Secretary the power to designate an area outside of the UK, subject to Parliamentary approval, to restrict UK nationals and residents from entering or remaining in that area, if he is satisfied that it is necessary to protect members of the public from terrorism.An individual found to have entered or remained in a designated area, unless for a legitimate reason such as being there involuntarily, could face up to 10 years in prison. The offence will not allow the retrospective prosecution of those who have already travelled overseas to fight and returned to the UK, but it will assist in a future conflict to which UK nationals or residents seek to travel.Furthermore, the Act extends extra-territorial jurisdiction for a number of terrorism offences including inviting support for a proscribed organisation and making or possessing explosives for the purposes of carrying out an act of terrorism.The provisions that have commenced today: These new laws give the police the powers they need to disrupt terrorist plots earlier and ensure that those who seek to do us harm face just punishment. As we saw in the deadly attacks in London and Manchester in 2017, the threat from terrorism continues to evolve and so must our response, which is why these vital new measures have been introduced. create an offence of reckless expressions of support for a proscribed organisation create an offence of publication of images, and a police power to seize items as evidence, related to a proscribed organisation create an offence of obtaining or viewing terrorist material over the internet create an offence of entering or remaining in a designated area amend the offences of encouragement of terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications extend extra-territorial jurisdiction for certain offences including inviting support for a proscribed organisation increase maximum sentences for terrorism offences make extended sentences available for terrorism offences – ending automatic early release and allowing a longer period on licence strengthen notification requirements on convicted terrorists, and introduce greater powers to enter and search their homes extend Serious Crime Prevention Orders for terrorism offences introduce further traffic regulations provide for a statutory review of Prevent Measures including longer sentences for several terrorism offences and ending automatic early release for convicted terrorists have commenced two months after the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Act received Royal Assent.The management of convicted terrorist offenders has also been strengthened with stricter notification requirements.It is now illegal to recklessly express support for, or publish images of flags, emblems or clothing in a way which suggests you are a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation and certain preparatory terrorism offences, including encouragement of terrorism or the dissemination of terrorist publications, now carry a maximum sentence of 15 years.Home Secretary Sajid Javid said: Updated legislation was central to the government’s updated counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST, which was published in 2018 following a fundamental review after the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester in 2017.Further provisions in the Act to crackdown on hostile state activity, will come into force in the coming months. The Home Office is currently consulting on the codes of practice governing the use of this power.last_img read more

Jim James Performs Cover Of “Everyday People” For ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ [Watch]

first_imgEarlier this month, Jim James stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform a track off his recently released and stripped-down album, UNIFORM CLARITY, a companion piece to his prior 2018 release, UNIFORM DISTORTION. For his Tonight Show spot, James performed a sparse, heartfelt acoustic rendition of “Over And Over”, as it appears on UNIFORM CLARITY, complete with a crew of colorfully illuminated backup vocals by The Resistance Revival Chorus.James has just shared a special recording from the evening, a Sly & The Family Stone cover of “Everyday People”, performed for the program’s Cover Room series. The Resistance Revival Chorus backed James on “Everyday People” off of Sly & The Family Stone’s 1969 album, Stand!.You can check out Jim James’ late-night special cover of “Everyday People”, as well as his performance of “Over And Over” below:Jim James – “Everyday People” – 1o/3/2018[Video: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]Jim James – “Over and Over” (Acoustic)[Video: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon]Jim James is currently in the midst of a very special tour. Dubbed The Future Is Voting Tour, the tour includes six nonpartisan multi-artist shows in college towns in electoral “swing districts” in an effort to promote voter participation in the important electoral areas. Each of the tour’s six stops are part concert, part town-hall meeting. The meeting segment of these shows includes a non-partisan forum where candidates and their representatives are invited to speak directly to students and take their toughest questions.As James noted in a press release announcing the tour,The importance of getting involved at this moment in time cannot be overstated. This isn’t only a Get Out The Vote concert. This is a learning moment aimed at college students to motivate them to vote, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum. Each stop on the tour purposefully takes place in a contested electoral district or state for this important midterm election, where students and young voters have the ability to dramatically affect the outcome of this tremendous moment in history. Please join special surprise guests and myself at these events with the goal of truly inspiring thought, discourse, and participation.For more information about upcoming tour dates and tickets, head over to James’ website.[H/T Jambase]last_img read more

$5.7 million stimulus for Vermont transit

first_imgAlmost $5.7 million was released to Vermont today for transit programs funded by the economic recovery bill, Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch announced.The stimulus money for Vermont from the Federal Transit Administration was included in the bill that was designed to create some 8,000 jobs in Vermont to help jolt the economy out of recession.Statewide, the Vermont Agency of Transportation will use $3.9 million to purchase 33 buses and vans for 10 local transit providers around the state.The Chittenden County Transit Authority plans to spend $1 million on heavy-duty, low-emission buses. Another $700,000 is set aside for rehabilitating buses, wooden bus shelters constructed by Vermont companies, and vehicles for seniors and individuals with disabilities.Nationwide, the bill provided $10.1 billion for the Federal Transit Administration, $773 million more than current funding.last_img read more

The Ministry of Tourism held a working meeting with representatives of the hotel industry and camps

first_img/ / / IN THE FIRST THREE MONTHS MORE ARRIVALS AND LESS NIGHTS During the first quarter, the dominance of destinations with an active hotel offer and destinations profiled in the city break domain and special interests such as business tourism, health tourism, etc. is evident. During the presentation of the current tourist results in 2019 at the working meeting, it was pointed out that by the end of April, a total of 1,4 million arrivals and 3,2 million overnight stays were recorded in hotel accommodation in Croatia, which represents a 10 percent increase in arrivals and 5 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period last year. Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Poreč are the leading destinations in the hotel accommodation segment so far this year. Today, at a working meeting with representatives of the hotel industry and camps in Rovinj, Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli discussed the state of booking for the coming summer months of the tourist year and current tourist results, current legislation in the hotel and overall tourism business. and opportunities for long-term solutions to ensure a sufficient number of skilled workers in tourism and hospitality and other topics related to the work of the hotel industry.center_img Regarding the forecasts for the summer part of the year, it was stated that tourist traffic is expected at the level of last year, and the overall year-round traffic will be in line with expectations, ie estimates presented at the beginning of the tourist year. . “In hotels and camps we have a total of 26 percent of accommodation capacity in Croatia, and the average consumption of guests staying in hotels is even 55 percent higher than the average consumption in all types of accommodation. Therefore, it is important that we continuously conduct a dialogue with representatives of the hotel and camping industry as well as other representatives of the private sector in order to contribute to increasing the quality of Croatian tourism. The Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Ministry of Tourism are actively working on improving the legislative framework and providing support for the development of the tourist offer. We have started to change the entire tourism legislation in order to professionalize, decentralize and rationalize the tourism system, and by the end of the mandate we plan to adopt a new Tourism Development Strategy that will be the seal of our work and provide a framework for sustainable, comprehensive and competitive tourism development.” stressed Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli after the meeting.last_img read more

Can we expect a “Residency by Investment” program in Croatia?

first_imgAre we ready to follow the trends that the world has known for years and do investors go to neighboring countries to realize their ideas? The results achieved in these countries indicate that the private and public sectors have achieved great success and direct investment that has provided them with direct revenues to the state budget, but also encouraged the development of the private sector with fresh capital and new ideas. I am of the opinion that if we want to keep up with the competition and encourage investment in the future, we must respond to market demands as soon as possible so as not to add up their successful results and analyze what needs to change in us. Is Croatia ready for such a challenge and is there the political will to introduce such measures?  How to attract foreign investment, achieve an increase in economic activity and maintain the value of the real estate market in the future is one of the main issues these days.  The Golden Visa program is well known in the business world and has been applied for several years by other EU members such as Austria, Portugal and Greece, and was recently introduced by neighboring Montenegro. The program allows attracting foreign direct investment and increasing overall economic activity in the country. LOUD THINKING / Author: Marko Pažanin, Croatia Sotheby’s International Realtylast_img read more

Delta Lloyd AM completes specialist teams in ongoing strategy revamp

first_imgReferring to the company’s relationship with insurer Delta Lloyd, the group’s low-cost defined contribution PPI vehicle and its pending general pension fund (APF), he said the asset manager would be able to “turn its hand to anything”.Maters said Delta Lloyd AM’s new policy would seek to further integrate responsible investment, with a dedicated team of SRI specialists, as well as at least one expert per investment team.“By having subjects assessed by various specialists, we expect to achieve better results,” he said.Delta Lloyd AM manages €54bn in institutional and private assets, including €5bn for approximately 30 pension funds.Maters said he expected “sturdy growth” in pension assets under management but declined to provide further details.He did reveal, however, that Delta Lloyd’s general pension fund, awaiting supervisory approval, aimed to manage €6bn in pension assets by 2020.Over the last two years, the asset manager has lost a number of important fund managers, including Maters’s predecessor, Alex Otto; head of equity Jack Jonk; and head of interest Sandor Steverink.Last spring, ratings agency Morningstar lowered the asset manager’s rating from ‘neutral’ to ‘negative’, and the downgrading, according to Maters, was largely due to its new strategy.“Morningstar has faith in our new people, but it wants to see how the new strategy turns out first,” he said.Among Delta Lloyd AM’s newly appointed specialists is Emile Ferjane, who has started as portfolio manager on the fixed income credit team.He joined from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he has been an analyst and portfolio manager. Delta Lloyd AM named Maurice Meertens as portfolio manager on the illiquid fixed income team as of 1 November.Meertens comes from Rabobank, where he was a credit analyst.The company further appointed Dmitry Zamkovoy as portfolio manager on the fixed income rates team as of 15 November.Over the last four years, he has served as a fixed income trader at Rabobank.Angus Steel, senior portfolio manager on the equity team, is to leave as of 1 November.Meanwhile, Berber Harkema has started on the equity team as management trainee.Maters said his investment teams were nearly complete following the newest appointments, with the only vacancies being in equities (two) and fixed income (three). Delta Lloyd AM employs a full-time staff of 160. Delta Lloyd Asset Management has appointed a number of fund managers as part of a new strategy aimed at “pro-actively offering integrated and sustainable solutions” for Dutch pension funds and medium-sized insurers.With the appointment of managers for credit, illiquid fixed income and rates, Delta Lloyd AM said it had nearly completed a reshuffle of its expertise after the implementation of its new strategy.Jacco Maters, chief executive and CIO, said the asset manager’s new strategy aimed to achieve maximum returns for clients while taking into account the restrictions imposed by the new financial assessment framework (nFTK).He said Delta Lloyd AM was expecting “significant” interest for integrated solutions and considered itself well positioned to meet demand.last_img read more